Machines Opened For Inspection

The Sydney Herald

16 May 1831

Important to settlers.

We are happy to perceive that a number of machines of the most approved description, have been sent out by the home government, (we believe at the suggestion of the present Governor) for the benefit of the colonists, they are to be immediately opened for the inspection of the public at the Lumber yard, who will be allowed to take patterns.

We hope the colonists will avail themselves of this opportunity to improve their mechanical and agricultural knowledge, and will appreciate the motives of the originators of this laudable action.

They comprise thrashing machines, with smut, flour, and dressing mills attached, a variety of the most approved drills; hay making machines: ploughs of every description; chaff and turnip cutters; waggons and carts; an excellent portable brewing machine, with a great variety of fanning implements of the latest construction, the whole amounting to about 500.