Mail Washed Away

The Australian

12 October 1843

The regularity, of the Sydney mail throughout the last severe winter, has drawn admiration from every one.

The following occurrence will show the difficulties with which the contractor had to contend.

On the 29th ultimo the Jugiong, a very deep and wide water course about forty miles from Yass, was running at a frightful rate when the mail reached its banks; finding it not possible for the mail, man, or cart to be got over, the attempt was made to get the Melbourne bag over by lashing it to a saddle on the back of one of the horses.

The rapidity of the stream, and the violent plunging of the horse succeeded in disengaging him from his load, which was carried down the stream to near its junction with the river, when the mail was supposed to be lost, and given up by the mail man and persons assisting him on the opposite bank; but the straps around the bag fortunately became entangled in the branches of a fallen tree, and, after much difficulty, and at the risk of life, it was got ashore, after being considerably over an hour immersed.

Geelong Advertiser.