Mailman Chased by Bull

Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

6 November 1900

Messrs. Hunter and Elliott, the bearers of a dispatch per motor tricycle from the Governor of Victoria to the Governor of N. S. Wales, had an exciting adventure on Wednesday morning near Barnawatha.

Mr. Hunter, who was ahead, had his attention arrested by a peculiar noise behind him, and, on looking back, saw a ferocious bull, with its head down and tail erect, coming at him.

The bull got within a few feet of the machine-before the rider could quicken his speed.

After a chase of half a mile the animal, concluded that his efforts were futile.

Then he waited sullenly.

As soon as Mr. Elliott got near, the bull charged at him, and another bit of desperate scorching ensued.

In this case the bull retired after a chase of a quarter of a mile.