Maize for Feeding to Swine

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

26 June 1803

General Orders.

From the general abundant crops of maize, and the present thriving state of the swine and other stock, The Governor recommends as much of that grain as can be spared from domestic uses to be appropriated to feeding swine, &c. which must insure its increase, to enable the settlers save their breeding sows, and increase the size of their hogs, the quantity of salt meat received from the Cape by the Bridgewater will allow of a certain number of casks of salt-beef being lent to such settlers as may be approved of, on condition of an equal weight of fresh pork, exclusive of the head and feet, being returned to me respective Public Stores, between the 5th of June and 1st of August, 1804.

Application for a participation in this advantage, by settlers off the stores, to be made at the Commissary's Office at Sydney; to Mr. Williamson at Parramatta; and Mr. Baker at Hawkesbury.