Mayor Gordon Resigns, Tumut Council

The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

25 July 1922

At a meeting of the above on Tuesday, the following Mayor's minute was read: -

I find it necessary to put the following questions to you for your decision in the good government of Tumut:-

(1) Has the Town Clerk the right to withold invoices of debts contracted from the finance committee;

(2) to edit correspondence entirely on his own without consulting the Mayor;

(3) to produce our correspondence in public for the purpose of discrediting your Mayor;

(4) to receive paid assistance, which is already provided for, in increment of salary on increase of rates;

(5) the sole right to grant permission to street collectors; (6) to prepare and present estimates for the year, although financially interested in the increase of rates?

(6) Applications for light should go through office of course, but it is not necessary to keep Mayor or council advised as to progress of scheme, meters, flat rates, consumers, cost of running, etc., so that the council may be in a position to decide on further requirements? No report or information on this subject is available this year.

On the motion of Ald. Marshall and Murphy, it was resolved to take the clauses of the Mayor's minute seriatum. Ald. Wilkinson and Carr moved that the council is of opinion that the Clerk has no right to withhold any invoice, but this Council is of opinion that he has not done so. - Carried, as also was another motion by the same proposers, that, in the opinion of the Council, the Clerk has no right to edit Council correspondence.

The Mayor thereupon tendered his resignation as Mayor and vacated the chair.