Medical Witnesses at Coroner's Inquests, and Inquiries

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

9 July 1839

New South Wales Medical Board, 1st July, 1839.

We the undersigned, the President and Members of New South Wales Medical Board, appointed under the Act 2nd Victoria, c.22, instituted, "An Act to define the qualifications of "Medical Witnesses at Coroner's Inquests, and Inquiries held before Justices of the Peace in the Colony of New South Wales," do hereby certify that up to the present date, the undermentioned persons have submitted the necessary testimonials of qualification, viz

Isaac Aaron,Raymond Terrace

Arthur Martin a'beckett, Sydney

Alexander Arbuckle, Clifton

Charles Henry Hamber, Sydney

George Frederick Barnes, Sydney

Hinton William Bell, Sydney

Thomas Bell, R. N., Braidwood

George Bennett, Sydney

Thomas Black, M. D., Penrith  

William Bland, Sydney        

William Brown, M. D. Parramatta

John Cates, Parramatta

George Thomas Clarke, Penrith      

Benjamin Clayton, County King  

James Cochrane, Maitland

Alexander Cooke, Sydney

John Cooper, Sydney

Henry Cowper, County Murray

Robert Craig, Bathurst

Phibbs White Cullen    

Alexander Cuthill, Sydney

Henry Day, Sydney

John Dobie, R. N., Sydney

Joshua Dowe, M. D., Maitland

James Eckford, M. D, Liverpool

Alfred Oke Edye, Maitland

James Ellis, R. N., Yass

John Gill, Sydney

Robert Gillespie, Sydney

Henry Glennie, Patrick's Plains

John Goodwin, Invermein

Henry Graham, Windsor

Henry Green, Tumut

Gordon Gwynne, Parramatta

Patrick Harnett, Sydney

William Foxton Hayley, Gundaroo

John Holland, Melbourne  

Robert Cuthbertson Hope, M. D., Campbelltown

Peter Mann Hosking, Sydney

Arthur Huffington, Berrima ; John Inches, R. N., Port Stephens

Allred Schomberg Johnson, Goulburn

John Johnson, M. D,, Sydney

William R. Kenny, Campbelltown

William King, M. D., Mudgee

William King, County St. Vincent

Thomas Lee, M. D., Sydney  

Humphrey Thomas Lewis Lloyd, Parramatta

Samuel Maberly, Campbelltown  

Michael McCartney, Gummum Plains

Donald McDonald, Sydney

John McFarlane, M. D., Sydney

Richard McHattie, Bathurst

Daniel McLean, Tarban Creek  

Frederick McKellar, M.D., Sydney    

Kenneth McKenzie Duncan McPhee, M. D.

Patrick Walsh Mallon, Maitland

Samuel McDonald Martin, M. D., Sydney

James Mitchell, Sydney

Patrick Mollison, M. D.. Sydney

Charles Nicholson, M, D., Sydney

Isaac Scott Nind

Batholomew O'Brien, M. D, Illawarra

Robert Park, Hunter's River

Thomas Parsons Sydney

Johu Paterson, R. N., Melbourne

Maurice O'Keefe Reedy, M. D., Goulburn  

Robert Champley Rutter, Parramatta

William Salter, Sydney

Arthur Savage, R. N , Sydney

Charles Henry Scott, Sydney

Arthur Scouler, Sydney  

Alexander Skinner, Patrick's Plains

David Sloan, Maitland

Thomas Sparrow, Sydney

John Edward Stacey, Port Macquarie

Bute Stewart, M. D , Parramatta

William Farquharson Stewart, Windsor

Francis Gall Snelling Street, Invermien

Spellman R Swaine, Campbelltown,

Andoniah Vallack, Patrick's Plains

Francis L. Wallace, M.D., Sydney

Charles Avory Warner,

Penrith Robert Waugh, Goulburn

John Boucher West, Sydney

Heury Rawes Whittell, Sydney

Stephen Geary Wilks, M. D.,

Sydney Benjamin Howell Yate.

And we do hereby declare that they are entitled to be deemed legally qualifed Medical Practitioners in terms of, and according to the provisions of the aforesaid Act,

John V. Thompson, Deputy Inspector General Of Hospitals, President.

John Dobie, Surgeon, R. N., Health Officer.

Kinnear Robertson, Colonial Surgeon.

Charles Nicholson, M. D. Francis L. Wallace. M.D.