Monaro Air Service?

28 June 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

New company being formed 'Snowy River Airways', aerodrome planned for Tumut as part of network of feeder services.

When the 'Ski Flier' charter air service between Cooma and Sydney was recently suspended it had operated sufficiently long to show that apart from the demands of skiers and visiting travellers there was a growing demand by district residents for the use of this quick and modern service.

No announcement was made at the time of the reasons for the suspension of the service but it is understood that the operators held that the restrictions imposed by the Department of Civil Aviation on the interim Charter Service were capricious and repressive and that it was a case either of abandoning the service or of expanding it to a full scale schedule airline service.

This latter procedure was decided upon and it has been announced that a new airline company to be known as Snowy River Airways is being formed.

It will establish a network of feeder airline services between Cooma, Bombala and Melbourne, Cooma, Canberra and Sydney, Cooma Adaminaby, Tumut and Wagga. Hang-ars and workshops will be built at Cooma, which will be the headquarters of the Company's operations. 

Aerodromes are planned at Bombala, Adaminaby, Berridale and Tumut in addition to the present aero- drome at Cooma.

Owing to the mountainous nature of the district and the average size of most of the aerodrome sites, only medium size aircraft will be used.

The service will be started with a fleet of ten Avro-Anson aircraft similar to the Avro-Anson 'Ski-Flier' used on the Cooma-Sydney route during the last twelve months. 

The 'Ski-Flier' Charter service will be suspended until the new Company can commence operations, and it is unlikely that air transport for skiers travelling to Kosciusko and Kiandra can be provided this winter, although the situation has improved with regard to one restriction - that of insufficient allowance of aviation gasoline. 

The Ski-Flier has been undergoing annual overhaul during the past month for the certificate of airworthiness.

Cooma 'Express'.