Monstrous Talbingo Hill

The Sydney Morning Herald

27 March 1860


Our township bas been enlivened during the past week by numbers of parties passing through en route for the Snowy River.

One party, consisting of about thirty five strong fellows, from the Indigo, passed the other day, with an American waggon.

Tumut folks stared, and said "surely they will never attempt to take that huge machine up that monstrous hill."

Time tries all!

I was informed by one of the party, who returned to Tumut for some necessaries, that the waggon was safely landed at the top of Talbingo; not by horse power, however.

By block and tackle from tree to tree, the men walking down, the waggon ascending, the party managed to got this large carriage with its loading to the top.

The Adelong Mining Journal.