More Murders, Marulan

The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser

31 January 1840

To the editor of the Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser - January 27.

I am informed Mr. Oaks' overseer was wounded, and one of the assigned servants burnt to death in his hut. Since then a Mr. Fuller, overseer to Mr. Thorne of Parramatta, has been murdered by one of his own, men.

It appears they were at Goulburn, and left together, both riding, on one horse, and during their return to they [their] farm, the quarrelled, the fellow behind Mr. Fuller, drew out a knife and stabbed, and cut him across the abdomen. Fuller fell off the horse on the road, where he was found dead the next morning; and the murderer was apprehended the same day, examined, committed for trial, and has been forwarded to Sydney.

We have had very heavy rain for the last four days-the roads in this quarter are nearly impassable.