Mount Horeb, Batlow, Tumbarumba Railway

The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser

23 August 1910

Another railway matter that demands attention is the proposed extension from Mount Horeb, via Batlow, to Tumbarumba.

It should not be taken for granted that the line is bound to come simply because the present Minister for Works prefers it to the Humula proposal.

With a dead Parliament there is no telling what the elections may bring forth.

The Wade Ministry may have to stand aside in favor of McGowen, Holman and party, and as The Murrumbidgee is represented by a Laborite, Mr. McGarry can be depended upon to make the most of any chances that may arise to secure the extension to Tumbarumba from Wagga.

With his party in power, he would have a big pull on the ropes, for it has to be remembered that in such important matters, and under such circumstances, the local Member's influence should not be under-estimated.

There is much good farming land around Tarcutta Creek and Humula, and the people there-abouts hope to have several of the big estates resumed for closer settlement if the line is taken that way.

On the other hand we have the valuable resources of Batlow languishing through want of a railway.

Batlow to-day is an undeveloped asset to the State, and its timber and fruit and vegetables will not be known as they ought to be until the iron horse pulls over the ranges to take the produce to market.

It is highly desirable that the people chiefly concerned - the residents of Adelong and Batlow - should take nothing for granted, but should agitate and use all the power within their command.

If Tumbarumba secures its railway via Humula, then Tumut and Batlow must pull together and see to it that a loop to Batlow is carried off our line