Mr. Edward George Brown

Australian Town and Country Journal

13 August 1887

Mr. Edward George Brown, the first Mayor of Tumut, is the third son of the late Mr. John Brown, of Colstoun, on the Upper Paterson, and one of twelve children.

He was born in Denmark on October 21, 1829, and arrived in New South Wales with his parents in 1836.

He received his educational training in Parramatta, first in the King's School, and afterward under Dr. W. Woolls.

In 1846, with the intention of engaging in squatting pursuits, Mr. Brown left Colstoun, and took up his residence with his brother-in-law, Mr. J. C. Whitty, at Blowering, where he speedily gained a name as a manager of stock, and as one of the most accomplished horsemen in the country.

He remained with Mr. Whitty for eight years; and during that time he made several successful overland journeys with stock.

On one of these trips he created a sensation in Adelaide by his daring riding in a Grand Steeplechase which took place there.

Notwithstanding that Mr. Brown is now in his 58th year, he is still noted as one of the best "whips" in the southern district.

In December, 1854, Mr. Brown married the eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Shelley, of Tumut Plains; and when, shortly afterward, Mr. Whitty left for England, he purchased the Blowering Station, with stock, &c., and followed a successful squatting life for many years.

Subsequently he sold Blowering, and purchased the Tumut Plains Estate, and took Mr. H. L. Harris as a partner, which step relieved Mr. Brown of the hard work of bush life.

In the year 1866 Mr. Brown was elected member for Tumut, and represented that constituency in the Legislative Assembly for nearly six years.

He has been for many years a magistrate of the colony and a commissioner for affidavits, besides president respectively of the Tumut Turf Club and the Tumut Agricultural and Pastoral Association.

In the year 1876, in order to better educate his family of twelve children, Mr. Brown took a house in the town of Tumut, and began business as a stock and station agent.  

Tumut was proclaimed a municipality in April, 1887.

It is situated in one of the prettiest spots in the southern district, and, under careful municipal management, is capable of becoming quite a model town.

Mr. Brown was elected at the top of the poll at the election for aldermen on June 29 last; and on July 2 he was unanimously elected Mayor.

The Mayor has been authorised to arrange for an overdraft from the Bank of New South Wales for 300 to carry on necessary work; and the tender of Messrs. Emanuel and McNamara to value the ratable property in the borough has been accepted.

A bylaw committee has been at work for some time; and the bylaws will, it is hoped, be ready to be submitted to the council at its next meeting.