Murrumbidgee  Pasturage Licenses

1 November 1842 The Sydney Morning Herald

Colonial Treasury, Sydney, 19th October, 1842.- List of persons who have obtained licenses to depasture stock beyond the limits of location, for the year commencing 1st July, 1842, on payment of the established fee: -


 W. Atkinson,

J. A. Broughton,

W. Best,

J. Bray,

G. Barber, senior,

J. Buckland,

W. Bradley,

Ellen Boyde,

J. Booth,

R. Burke,

B. Boyd,

J. Chisholm,

W. Chapman,

T. Chippendale,

C. Cowper,

J. Cropper,

W. Clark,

A. Campbell,

E. Crispe,

Cooke and Webb,

G. Davis,

J. Devlin,

J. Dight,

R. Downie,

W. Dwyer,

W. Davis,

C. Ebden,

Messrs. Faithful and Co.,

J. Foord,

Forsythe and Callender,

R. Guise, jun.,

J. Gray,

E. B. Green,

S. Grant,

G. Gelvin;

J. Gibbons,

J. Hatton,

J. Hillas,

A. A. Huon,

W. and M. Harvey,

J. Hassall,

T. Hyland,

 H. Hall,

W. and E. Howe,

W. and E. Howe, jun.,

P. Hill,

J. Hore, jun.,

Hay and Chambers,

P. and C. Huon,

T. Howe,

W. Herbert,

J. Halloway,

H. Hume,

E. Herriott,

J. Jenkins,

J. Jobbins,

R. Johnson,

 J. Kennedy,

J. Kew,

J. Katherine.

J. Keirl,

F. Lawless,

W. Luff,

G. McLeay,

Morrice and McKenzie,

T. McCullock,

 McKenzie and Perry,

 McKenzie and Perry,

A. McLeod,

T. Mitchell,

C. McDonald,

D. McLeod,

A. Mellor,

Thomas Mate,

Challes Moore,

G. McDonald, sen.,

T. Murray,

J. Murdock,

E. New,

J. Osborne,

C O'Brien,

J. Peter,

M, . Pearce,

J. Rudd,

Messrs. Rowan,

J. Robertson, sen,

J. Roberts,

A. Reid,

P. Stuckey,

H, Stuckey,

P. Supple,

J. Smith,

Smythe and De Salis,

G. Shelly,

W. and G. Shelly,

Sawyer and Dean,

J. B. Sharp,

J. Tooth,

Rev. J. Terry,

J. Terry,

S. Taylor,

N. Troy,

K. McKenzie Young,

I. Vincent,

D. Wilson and Co.,

B. Warby,

S. G. Watson,

Messrs. Welby and Co.,

J. Wright,

C. H Whitty,

C. Webb,

S, Wilkinson, jun.,

W, Wise.