N.S.W. Resumes 18,000 Acres for Blowering

15 January 1965 The Canberra Times 

The N.S.W. Government will resume 18,000 acres of private land adjoining the storage area of the Blowering Dam at Tumut.

It will use the land for tourist parkland.

The resumptions were announced today by the Minister for Agriculture and Conservation, Mr. Enticknap.

The Snowy Mountains Authority expects to complete the dam by late 1968.

In addition to acquiring the land which would be submerged, the Government would resume 9,000 acres of private land on the eastern side of the storage and add it to the Kosciusko State Park.

On the western side of   the storage lake another 9.000 acres of land would be resumed and dedicated as a State forest under the control of the Forestry Commission.

"The commission intended to establish a pine plantation on the southern part of this land.

Mr. Enticknap said the land was being resumed primarily to protect the storage from siltation.

The soil Conservation Service would carry out soil erosion preventive works.