New Brickworks for Tumut

27 June 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

Machinery Purchased - production to commence in six months

Interviewed during the week end, Mr. Herb Whittaker informed the 'Tumut Times' that he is the sole proprietor of the new brick works which it is proposed to set up in Tumut and will trade under the name of 'Tumut Brick and Tile Works'.

The necessary machinery has been purchased and will be installed on the site recently acquired from tho Tumut Shire Council on the Tumut Plains Road just above the Tumut Show ground.

Mr. Whittaker anticipates that production of bricks will commence in about six months time. 

Included in the machinery which has been purchased is a Grommoson grinding pan equipped with two 4 ton rollers for grinding purposes, a Blanch brick-making machine with a capacity of 10,000 bricks per day, a 45-h.p. electric motor for driving both these machines and a 10-ton overhead lifting gear for replacement-of-parts purposes. The entire plant runs into several thousands of pounds.

As soon as the necessary excavations are dug on the site of the works the machinery will be moved to Tumut for installation. The works will be established on the Tumut Plains site, whilst the shale will be carted from the rear of the Tumut cemetery. 

Twenty sample bricks have been manufactured in Sydney from the shale it is proposed to use and these proved 100 per cent, satisfactory, finishing full size after allowing a quarter of an inch overall for shrinkage. Colour is dark red.

The bricks have been submitted to several leading brickyards with which Mr. Whittaker is associated in Sydney and the works managers have expressed satisfaction with the shale. 

The bricks are 9lbs in weight and when the samples were knocked together they gave off a bell-like ring. 

Key men will be brought from Warringah Brick and Pipe Works at Manly on loan for six months to ensure that production is established on sound lines.

After six months production Mr. Whittaker proposes to install another brick-making ma- chine which will bring the output capacity of the works up to 20,000 bricks per day.  

The bricks will be sold at fixed   prices, determined by the New South Wales Prices Branch. 

Mr. Whittaker, who until recently was licensee of the Commercial Hotel, Tumut, is to be commended upon his enterprise, and when established the new brickworks should be a great acquisition to the town and district.