New Province of South Australia

The Colonist, Sydney

16 January 1839

South Australia.

The overland intercourse with the new province of South Australia is rapidly on the increase.

Some weeks since a party started from Sydney to undertake the overland journey to Adelaide, conveying with them a head of at cattle, and we observe by a letter from a correspondent at Yass, published in a contemporary of Monday, that various other parties are about to try the same experiment.

Messrs. Huson and Watson, it is said, have started from the Hume with 800 head of cattle. Mr. M'Farlane of Goulburn has proceeded by sea to Adelaide to prepare for the arrival of Mr. Peter Snodgrass, overland with 1000 head of cattle. Mr. Joseph Hawdon is also at Adelaide endeavouring to effect a sale of 1000 head now depastating at the Hume.

Mr. Eyre who succeeded in reaching Adelaide overland last year, was about to start on a similar expedition, taking with him from 4 to 500 head of fat cattle, and 1000 fat wethers. Mr. Eyre intends on this occasion to follow the windings of the Murrumbidgee to its junction with the Murray, in order to secure a sufficient supply of good pasturage and water so far on his journey.