New Tumut Forest Road

29 July 1955 The Farmer and Settler 

The Forestry Commission has accepted a tender for more than six miles of forest road in the Tumut district at a cost of about 41.500. 

The road, to be known as the Billapaloola Forest Road, will extend the Bombowlee Creek Road - which is at present under construction - in the direction of the Red Hill plantation.

 The contract for the Bombowlee Creek Road was let 12 months ago at a price of 84,000 and work is well advanced. 

The Minister for Conservation, Mr. Enticknap, said that, in all, the Forestry Commission had received approval to spend approximately 190,000 on road construction and allied works in the Tumut district. 

He said the roads were essential for the extraction of logs from the Commission's pine plantations to serve the first of two new large softwood mills in the Tumut area, and for maintenance and fire protection and the establishment of further plantations.