News from the Interior - Yass

The Sydney Morning Herald

24 May 1844

May 11

In my last I informed you that the nomination of candidates for seats in the Yass District Council had taken place, and that a poll had been demanded.

The polling accordingly took place, here, at Burawa, and at Gunning, yesterday the two latter being the most convenient places for electors residing in the remote parts of the district to attend at, and today, at one o clock, p.m., the Warden attended at the hustings, according to adjournment, and after having made known the state of the poll declared Mr Hamilton Hume, of Yass, and Mr. John James Howell, of Burawa, duly elected to serve on the Yass District Council in the room of Benjamin Clayton and Moses Moses, Esquires, who retired on the 1st instant, in accordance with the ninth clause of the charter of incorporation.

The whole affair went off well and was well contested. The poll stood as follows: Mr. Hamilton Hume 38; Mr. John James Howell 30; Mr. Edward Ryan 27.

During the days of nomination and polling the flags of the different candidates waved to the breeze as carried by the supporters of those parties and with the Yass band (which certainly would do credit even to the metropolis) brought to mind recollections of home-recollections too, made the more interesting as having been called forth by scenes (although, comparatively speaking, of the tiny kind) in these certainly beautiful forests of the land of our adoption, such as many present had seen in their father land.