Notice under Real Property Act  

The Sydney Morning Herald

25 December 1909

Applications having been made to bring the lands hereunder described under the provisions of the Real Property Act, Certificates of Indefeasible Title will issue, unless Caveats be lodged in accordance with the Third Schedule to the said Act, on or before the 26th January, 1910:-

County Cumberland, parishes Narellan and St. Peter, partly in Municipality Campbelltown, and partly in shire of Nepean, 62 acres 1 rood 22 perches, and 1388 acres 1 rood at Kenny's Hill and on Cowpasture-road,- being 60 acres (portion 160 of parish) granted to Edward Fletcher, and parts of 700 acres (portion 32 of parish) granted to William Hovell, 550 acres (portion 31 of parish) granted to Charles Throsby, 40 acres (portion 30 of parish) granted to John Jackson, and 30ac. (portion 29 of parish) granted to William Richards: adjoining properties of Perpetual Trustee Company, Limited, F. Moore, D. Fowler, E. H. and W. Fieldhouse.

W. Cummins, P. J. O'Donnell, Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage, Chief Commissioner for Railways and Tramways, and J. G. Fitzpatrick.