O'brien's Hall Purchased by Dyomee Manufacturing Co.

20 December 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Dyomee Manufacturing Co. which has been in occupation of O'Brien's, Hall, Tumut, for the past three years, where they have carried on a clothing factory, employing 36 girls and young women, has announced that it has purchased the building from the O'Brien Estate.   

The hall, erected by the late Mr. W. O'Brien in the year 1900, was for many years the venue of the major social functions of the town.

It was also a picture theatre in the days of the silent films and was also in demand for concerts and visiting revues.

The lower portion was used as a skating rink at various times.

   With the sale of the building Tumut is, now definitely without the chance of regaining it as a public hall and the only course in that direction is the erection of a town hall which is so much needed. 

Dyomee Manufacturing Co. advise that they are in Tumut to stay and now that they have the freehold of the premises they hope to expand their factory, though this will take time. 

In addition, the old balcony is to be pulled down and a new front will be added to the building, including   two new shop fronts which will be utilised for their own purposes.