Obituary - Mr. H. Lucas

13 February 1945 Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga)

After a long Illness the death occurred on Thursday last at Tumbarumba Hospital of Mr. Henry Lucas, grazier, of Belmore Park, Oberne Creek.

Mr. Lucas was a highly respected resident of the district and was well known to a large circle of friends in the Wagga, Tarcutta, Tumbarumba, Batlow and Adelong districts.

He was born 77 years ago at Reedy Flat (now Batlow).

As a young man he worked as a shed hand in the original woolshed on Oberne Station.

This shed was destroyed in the great bush fires of January 1.

1905. About 42 years ago   Mr. Lucas acquired the land where the woolshed formerly stood, and building a home near- by resided there until a few hours prior to his death, a former home and all his belongings were lost in the disastrous fires mentioned.

As a young man Mr. Lucas was a noted athlete and sport. As a runner he won a number of district Handicaps and he was an amateur boxer. In cricket he was well known as a batsman and fieldsman, and played with the once locally celebrated Cherry Hill team.

For years he was actively associated with the Tumbarumba Turf Club, being both amateur owner and rider, Mr. Lucas was also associated with the store and butchery business of the late Mr. R.  R. Timmis at Batlow, and was engaged in mining for a time at the old mining centre at Cherry Hill.

It was after leaving Mr. Timmis that he purchased the property referred to.

He took an interest in local public affairs, and was a generous supporter his church and charitable institutions.

He was a life member of the Tumbarumba Hospital.

He is survived by his widow (nee Miss Hannah Cottam), three sons, Gordon (ex 2nd A.I.F. Tumut), Aubrey (Oberne Creek),and Lyle (also ex 2nd A.I.F. Oberne Creek); and two daughters. Mrs. W. H. M'Eachern, (Granville) and Mrs. D. Sargent (Bago).

Surviving brothers andsisters are: Charles (Albury), Thomas (Oberne Creek), Jack (Glebe), Alfred (Auckland. New Zealand), Mrs. Leon Vandenberg, (King's Cross) and Mrs. Mar-shall (Brighton-le-Sands.

There are 16 grandchildren. 

The funeral of the late Mr. H. Lucas took place at the Tumbarumba cemetery, in the Church of England portion, on Friday. 

The Rev. Mr. Whight, Rector of Tarcutta, officiated at the grave- side following a short service in St. Jude's Church, Tumbarumba. 

The cortege was large and representative and relatives and friends were present from Sydney, Albury, Wagga, Batlow, Tarcutta, Humula, Adelong, Jingellic, Oberne Creek. Yaven Creek, Wolseley Park and Tumbarumba. The carriers were Charles Lucas (brother), D. Sargent (son in law), Edward Lycas neiphew), Hugh M'Eachern, Leslie Oakman and Willam Adams. 

Chief mourners at the graveside were his widow and family (all of whom were present) and brothers, Charlie Lucas and Thomas Lucas.

Near relatives present included Mrs. G. Lucas, Mrs. A Lucas and Mrs. L. Lucas (daughters in law) and Mr. D. Sargent (son in law).

Other relatives present included Ralph, William and Arthur Cottam (brothers in law), Mesdames Stratton, Ferguson, Grady and Bunter (sisters in law).

Also present were a number of nephews and nieces. 

Among lifelong friends who were noticed present were Mrs. Timmis (Batlow), Mrs. Curry (Batlow); Messrs. F. J. Casey (Bat- low), John Pearce (Yaven creek), A. Patterson Batlow), T. Macdonald (Wagga), J. Larkin (representing Mr. A. Larkin, of Deltroit), A. Thornely, T. K M'Eachern, A. and L. Evans,  T. M'Auliffe (all of Wolseley Park), Mrs. R. Blencowe (Tumbarumba) and many others.

Included the the many floral tributes was a wreath from the Tumbarumba Turf Club, and one from the Westbrook-Oberne Creek branch 0f the Red Cross.