Obituary - Mr. Henry Crampton

21 November 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times

After several weeks' illness Mr. Henry James Crampton, of Newtown, Tumut, passed peacefully to his eternal reward at his home on Friday night last at the age of 80 years. 

The late Mr. Crampton was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. David Crampton, of Tumut, where he was born.

In early manhood he was employed as a drover by the late Mr. Bing Ratcliffe, travelling with stock between Condoblin and Bourke and the snow leases in the mountains.

Then he turned to farm laboring during which period he won the corn husking competition at the Tumut Show three times in succession. 

Later he joined the employment of the late Mr. Charles Beegling in his Tumut butchering business and finally entered the employ of the late Mr. M. S. Downing (butcher) and then with the latter's sons with whom he remained for over thirty years, retiring only a few years ago. 

Mr. Crampton often repeated the opinion that he owed his life many years ago to a faithful cattle dog. 

When on one of his droving trips to the mountains while asleep one night he suffered a severe bite on the face.

Suffering great agony he endeavoured to make his way home. 

His dog refused to go in the direction he had chosen and continued barking and running in another direction. 

Mr. Crampton finally decided to follow his dog and later found he had saved a distance of sixteen miles in reaching medical aid which was applied just in time. 

The subject of this obituary was very fond of fishing and gardening and was reputed to be one of the outstanding trout fishermen in the district.

He possessed a generous nature and no one visited his home without coming away with some gift from his extensive garden. 

The late Mr. Crampton married Miss Mary Francis Elphick at All Saints' Church in 1895 and to the union six children were born.

Those surviving are Amy (Mrs. P. George ,Melbourne), Doris (Mrs. T. Monagle, Sydney) and [Peggy] (Mrs. W. Smith, Tumut.

Two sons Reginald and Charles and one daughter Gladys predeceased their father. 

There is only one brother, Mr. Fred Crampton, of Gilmore, surviving. Brothers and sisters deceased are Messrs. Sid, David, Charles, Edward, Millie, Louise and Elizabeth. 

The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon leaving from All Saints' Church at 3 p.m. for the C. of E. portion of the Tumut New Cemetery.

Mr. John French officiated at the graveside in the absence of Rev. W. J. Conran and W. Beavan and Son had charge of funeral arrangements.

Pall-bearers were T. Monagle, R. Davis W. Smith (sons-in-law), W. Smith jnr, Bevan and Ross Crampton (grandsons). 

Floral tributes were received from: Loving wife; Dot, Tom, Pearl, Peter, Colin, Joyce; Peggy, Bill, Reg, Barry; Ron and Edie; Beverley; Betty Shirley, Ron; Bevan, Ross, Darcy Crampton; Mr. and Mrs. FredCrampton; Annie and Dick Sturt; Jean and Charlie O'Brien; Fannie and family; Jim, Jack, Dan, Ern and Mary Elphick; Ern E. Elphick; Doll, George and Marge; Alf, Peter and Garry Jeffrey; Dot and Ralph; Mrs. E. Lee and family; Mrs. P. Woodbridge and family; Maurice Corr; Mrs. G. Edwards; Bump and MyrtleAreritz; Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnson, and family; the Corr family; Dot, Percy, Mavis and Noel; Bill Bridle; Mrs. C. Hibbens and family; Harold, Jean and family; Edgar Baker, S. and E. Carr and Dossey; King and Mrs. Allatt; Mrs. Newman and family; M. S. Downing and staff; Viv, and Brenda and family; Rees Hay-don; Tumut Shire Council employees; staff J. M. Barbour's Store; George, Mrs. Hughes and family; Norman, Kath and family; Joan and Arthur Holdsworth and family; Dot, Ernie, Helen and Warwick; Tom, Jack and George Clee; Dulcie, Allen and family; Mr. and Mrs. Murphy; Margaret and Rowley McAlister and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Emery, Mona and Peter; Mrs. McDonald, Charlie, Ted, Ray and Don; Mrs. Emily Stubbs and Ken; Una, Monty and Raymond; Noel Fuller; Eric, Joyce Shelley and Pat White; Mill and Jim Jeffrey and family; Herb, Edie and Gert; Jack and Sarah Wortes; R. S. Brumby and family; C. D. Stokes and family; Mr. and Mrs. Nick Osis; Mr. and Mrs. W. Stubbs and family; Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and family; Jack, Stacia and family; Mrs. H. Snowden and family; Mr. and Mrs. Mick Dodd and family; Bob, Myrtle and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sanderson; Fred, Tilley, Russell and family; Will and Harriet Crompton; Gordon, Rose, Ted and Nina; Rene, Roy, Margaret and Mrs. Poter; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. T. Malone and family; Esther Bailey and family (Sydney); Norman Pickford and family (Sydney), Hilda and Ray Keogh and family (Newcastle); Olive   and Joe Elphick and family (Sydney) ; Chris and Iven and Kevin (Sydney); Mary and Bill Robertson   and family; Ernie and Fanny and family; Joe, Rene Stubbs and family; Keith and Jean Weeden; Julie Feint and Roy; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wilson and family; Frank and Olive; the Brown family; Tom, Lena and family; Mrs. Clyde, Gwen and Alex; Sylvie, Sandy McAlister and family; Leah Pickford and family; Jean and Ned; Bobbie and Allen Clee; Mr. and Mrs. Len Fuller; John, Con French and family; Dick, Ruby McAlister and family; Fred and Maude and family; Alma Shelley and family; George and Mrs. Wyburn; Stewart and Tilley Piper and family; Mrs. Florrie Ibbotson and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Ford; Mr. and Mrs. R. Bowden and family; Mrs. Niddrie and family; Arthur, Elvie and Les; Bob Dowling; E. Moorehead; Fred Brumby and family.