Obituary - Mr. Roland Frederick Ibbotson

25 July 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

A well-known and respected identity of Tumut, Mr. Roland Frederick Ibbotson, passed away at his home in Sydney Street, Tumut, on Monday last at 5 p.m. after a brief illness.

He had contracted the severe type of influenza which is sweeping the Stale at the present time and which is, in effect, a form of virus pneumonia.

He lapsed into unconsciousness on Monday and passed away a few hours later. 

The late Mr. Ibbotson, who was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Ibbotson, of Tumut, was born in a residence in the same street in which he had resided practically all his life and in which he died. 

In early life deceased was employed at station work at Yanco by the late Mr. John Elliot, of Tumut, and on returning to this town worked as a carter for local store keepers, Messrs. Chapman and Deering.

In later years he took to   droving and he followed the occupa tion for the remainder of his active life, being mainly engaged in accompanying droving outfits to and from the mountains with stock and sheep. 

The late Mr. Ibbotson was keenly interested in the progress of the facilities at the Tumut Racecourse   and was employed by the Racecourse Trust in this connexion from time to time over the years

 He was a member of the M.U. I.O.O.F., Loyal Tumut Lodge.   

Deceased married, at Tumut, Miss Florence McAlister, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. McAlister, by whom he is survived, together with a family of four sons and two daughters, viz.: Raymond and Edgar (Tumut), Clarence and John (Sydney), Dorothy (Mrs. R. Dunstan, Tumut) and Deanie (Mrs. K. Slater, Sydney).

One daughter, Kathleen, died in infancy.

There are also two brothers, Bert Ibbotson (Katoomba) and Herbert (Burwood), surviving.

Three brothers, Charles, John and Arthur Ibbotson, and one sister, Emily (Mrs. A. Oddy), predeceased him. 

The funeral took place on Friday afternoon last, leaving from All Saints' Church of England after a short' service conducted by Rev. W. J. Conran for the Tumut new cemetery, where interment took place. 

Rev. Conran also officiated at the graveside and W. Beavan & Son had charge of the mortuary arrangements.

Pall-bearers were Messrs. Ray, Edgar, Clarrie and John Ibbotson (sons), Ralph Dunstan (son in-law) and Colin Ibbotson (nephew) . 

Floral tributes were received from the following: - Mum, Ray and Colin; Jean, Ned and Noel; Dot and Ralph; Clarrie, Hazel and Peter; Deanie and Keith; Stella and John; Lionel and Jean; Els. and Wal.; Bert, Jessie, Mona and Peter; Edie and Ron. Davis and family; Hilda, Bill Nuttall and Ibbotson family; Norm., Ally and family; Denton family; Herb., Fanny, Arthur and Ivy; Fred, Lena and family; Mrs. Clyde, Gwen and Alex; Bert and Pincher; W. Connors and family, Masters family; Tim and Mrs. Jones, John and Eva; Alex, and Enid Livingstone; McNamara family; Myrtle, Bob and family; Bert, Enid and Lesley; Thelma and Tom Young; J. N. Clifford; Mr. and Mrs. J. Learmont and Johnny; W. Beavan and family; the Nicholls family; Mrs. Stubbs, Edna and Ken; Mr. and Mrs. Stan. Piper; Mrs. H. Elphick and family; Mat., Billy and family; Mr. and Mrs. Slater snr.; Mr. and Mrs. H. Eurell and Roslyn; Carr family; Dolly and Bill; Bump and Myrtle; Mill and Harry Crampton; C. Doon and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. McAlister and family; Mr. and Mrs. Tom O'Brien family; Mr. and  Mrs. F. Johnson and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wilson and family; Clare and Wally Banwell; Tumut Turf Club; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Herron; Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Piper and family; Mr. and Mrs. D. Spencer; Mrs. Col. McDonnell; Edna, Norm, and Roger; Rowley, Margaret and family; Amy and Stan. Burgess; Mick, Rosa and family; Fred. Brumby and family; C. D. Stokes and family; Harry and Mrs. Baker and George Baker; Lina A. Morton; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Josie and Harry Kell and family; May, Bebe and Usher; Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Hill; Charlie and Jane Mc- Donnell and family; members of M.U.I.O.F.; Bill Bridle; Mr. And Mrs. Bob Brown; Returned Soldiers' League; Alf. Jeffrey and family; Dot, Tom, Colin and Joyce Monagle, Peter and Pearl Jeffrey; Thelma, Mick and family; Dot, Jack   and Noel; Hilda, Jim and family; Pearl, Ted and boys; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Randell; Mr. and Mrs. Paul; Frank Connors and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Munt and Leila; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Anderson; Betty and Bill Rabone; Mr. and Mrs. O'Sullivan; Mr. and Mrs. J. Mather; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chave and Chave family; Mr. and Mrs. Stan. Prowse; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nuttall; Mr. and Mrs. F. Malone and family.