Obituary - Mr. Thomas Niddrie

16 March 1948 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The death occurred on Friday last, March 12, at his home, Simpson-Street, Tumut, of Mr. Thomas Niddrie, at the advanced age of 85 years.

The late Mr. Niddrie was a native of Ballarat, Victoria, and he married, at Bendigo, Miss Lillian Frances Honnor, who survives him, as well as nine of their children, viz.; Violet May (Mrs. C. Hibbens, Tumut), Alice Lillian (Mrs. W. Dowling, Tumut), Edie (Mrs McKay, Dulwich Hill), John (Cobar), Rita (Mrs. L. Cruise, Brisbane), Dorothy (Mrs. J. Eggleton, Cowra), James (Cobar), Alma (Mrs; Sheehan, East Sydney), Norman (Oberon) and William (Yenda). T

wo sons, Thomas and Leslie, predeceased their father. From his early days Mr. Niddrie followed the occupation of a station hand and in this way saw quite a bit of Victoria and New South Wales, coming to Tumut about 45 years ago. 

He was well known throughout the town and district, but of recent years failing health has prevented him having less and less contact with the outer world. 

He has had several spells in hospital, but in the main he was tenderly cared for by his devoted wife.

A household word in Tumut for the care and attention she has ever lavished on her husband and family, Mrs. Niddrie now, it is hoped, will be able to enjoy a little leisure, content in the knowledge that the care of her husband was a job well done.

The funeral took place on Sunday last in the Church of England portion of the new cemetery, Rev. S. Broadfoot officiating at the graveside and Messrs. W. Beavan and Son had charge of the Mortuary arrangements.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. James, John and Norman Niddrie (sons) , C. Hibbens, L. Sheehan and W. Cowling (sons-in-law).

Many beautiful floral tributes covered the casket, sent by: - Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chave; Harry and Jim Anderson;Mick, Ella and family and Jack: Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Wortz and Bill, Millie and family; Mr. and Mrs. O. Dowllng; Mr. and Mrs. L. Green and family; Mr. and Mrs. T. Eurell; Mr. and Mrs. H. Constance and family; Mr. Chas. Dcon and family; Mr. Bill Bridle; W. Beavan and Son; Margaret and Rowley McAlister; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fuller and Zelda; Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Hob- son; Management and Stall Tumut Co- op. Store; Tumut Young Anglicans; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wilson and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Arentz, Peg and Pat; Monte and Una and Raymond; Dick and Jessie Beck, Ruby and Jimmy; Mr, and Mrs. W. P. Eurell and family; Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy and family; Mr. and Mrs. Ron Davis and family; Mrs. Clyde, Gwen and Alex; Mr. and Mrs. A. Moses and family; Con and John French and family; Mr. and Mrs. Lederer and Brian; Tom and Thea Martin and family; Mr. and Mrs. E. McGrath and family; Mr. and Mr. Fred Sutton and Brenda, Viv. and family; Edna, Jack and family; Mr. Alf. Jeffery, Pearl and Peter; Joe and Rene Stubbs and family; Mrs, Snowden; Mr. and Mrs. J. McAlister and family; Julia Feint; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hampstead; Dick, Billy and Clara Hayden; Mr. and Mrs. R-. Brown, mother and family; Mr. and Mrs. Col. McDonnell; Alex Webb and family; Greg, Mrs, Anderson and boys; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Piper and family; W. Giddings and family; Mr. A. Hitchcock and Lizzie; Mr. and Mrs. W. Harris and family; Mrs. Lee, Bill, George, Arthur; Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Trevanion and family; Mr. and Mrs. Stan. Piper and family; Millie and Harry Crampton; Mrs. Ballard and family; E. J. Brown and family; Rene and Charlie Hampstead and family; Mrs. J. Newman and family; Edna and Ron Bowden and family; Mr. and Mrs. T. Bridle; Tumut Branch A.L.P.; Bert and Alma and family; George, Doll and Marge Bates; Alma and Harold and family; Thelma and Horace; Charlie Hibbens and sister Edie; Evelifa. Charlie and John; Leslie Cruise and Tyrone; Rita, Tot and Greta; Mr. and Mrs. Reg. Rosetta and girls; Kathleen and family; Thelma and Leo; Mr. Bassett, Percy, Doreen and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin and family; Mrs. J. M, Smith and family; Joan and Arthur, Holdsworth and family; the Sheather family; Mrs. D. McGrath and family; Mr. and Mrs. Alf. Gilchrist and family; Mrs. Dart; Mrs. E. Moorhead and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Feint and family; Emily Bailey and son Gar- net; Gert and King; Ida and Colin; Edna, Les and family; Ern (Turnip) Elphick; the Carr family; Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Johnson and family; Molly, Baden and girls; Mr. and Mrs. Eggleton and Douglas; Bob, Myrtle, Ben and George; the Rolls family; Mrs. Crampton and   Teddy; Mrs. W. H. Sparks; Mr, and Mrs. Hole (Bondi Beach); Eddie and Celie Stanfield and family.