Obituary - Mrs. Annie Mary Masters

16 August 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Another grand old identity of the Tumut district in the person of Mrs, Annie Mary Masters passed to the Great Beyond at her home in Capper-Street, Tumut, on Thursday last at 7.45 o'clock. She was 97 years of age.

Except for failing sight and hearing, deceased had been her usual self until a week prior to her demise, when she suffered a stroke as she sat in front of the fire after tea, suddenly lapsing into unconsciousness. 

During the following week she had lucid moments when she could speak to members of her family, all of, whom were with her and nursed her until the last.

She lapsed into unconsciousness at 6 a.m. on Thursday and passed quietly away a little over an hour and a half later.

The late Mrs. Masters was a wonderful old lady, possessing an authority on the very early days of Tumut.

Many are the tales she enjoyed relating, time and again, of the blacks, the change in the site of the business section of the town over the years, the alteration in the course of the Tumut River and the long treks from Sydney by the bullock teams bringing provisions to the settlers, and amusing incidents of those far-off days.

She could recall Tumut's first cemetery, which was situated on the river flats behind the present racecourse.

She knew all the early pioneering families of these parts and possessed a fund of knowledge on the history and fortunes of the forebears of many of Tumut's present generation. 

The subject of this obituary was born at Wyangle in 1852, the year of the disastrous flood at Gundagai which destroyed the town and in which many lives were lost. 

She was a daughter of the late Mr .and Mrs. John Fitzgerald, who had a property at Wyangle.

Later they moved to another property at Gocup and then to 'The Springs' beyond Lacmalac.

In her youth she spent a deal of her time at the Horse and Jockey Inn, which was owned   by her father and was situated on the corner of Fitzroy and Beale Streets.

She attended one of the first schools to be established in Tumut, the school building being situated in the area subsequently known as 'Comely Bank' and more lately as 'Clunie Avenue'. 

In the year 1873 the then Miss Annie Fitzgerald married Mr. William Masters, a native of Cowes, Isle of Wight, and a builder by trade.

The ceremony was performed at Yass as there was no minister of religion in Tumut in those days.

The young couple first settled at Micalong, Mr. Masters and the Fitzgerald family having an interest in the Lacmalac Gold Mine, which was very rich at the time.

Mr. Masters subsequently disposed of his interest and moved in to Tumut, where he followed the building trade.

They finally took up residence in the old home in Capper-St., where the majority of their family were born and where Mrs. Masters lived for the lengthy period of 67years (which must be a unique record) right up until her death. 

In her younger days the late Mrs. Masters took an active part in the social life of the community, lending her efforts to every function for any charitable cause.

For many years she was a keen exhibitor at the annual A. & P. Show, and there was never a show went by that she did not have an exhibit. She was also a keen gardener and poultry fancier. She would be up at daybreak every day.

She was a kind and considerate neighbour all her life, and was a friend to everyone as well as a loving wife and mother. She possessed a witty and bright disposition and was quick at repartee.

She delighted in watching the game of football and never missed a Maher Cup match, attending the games despite her great age. She was always confident that the Tumut team would win. 

Mr. Masters predeceased her in1913. The surviving members of the family are Misses Florence, Margaret and Edith Masters (Tumut), Sis. (Mrs. M. Cruise, Tumut), Ethel (Mrs. E. Herring, Randwick), Nellie (Mrs. W. Bradford, Batlow) and George and Rupert Masters (Tumut). Two sons, William and Herbert (died in infancy) predeceased her.

There are also eighteen grandchildren and twenty-one great grandchildren surviving. 

The late Mrs. Masters was the last of the original Fitzgerald family, three sisters and seven brothers predeceasing her. 

The funeral took place on Friday afternoon, leaving from the Catholic Church for the Tumut New Cemetery at 3 o'clock after a service conducted by Rev. Fr. O'Brien. 

The latter also carried out the last sad rites at the graveside, whilst the mortuary arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. W. Beavan & Son.

The pall-bearers were six grandsons, viz,: Messrs. Jack and Pat. Cruise, Jack and Ted Masters, Neil Masters and Bill Bradford. 

Floral Tributes were received from the following:-

Flo, Margaret and Edith; Cis. and Martin; Rupe, Ruby and family; George, Ted and Nance; Nell, and Brick; Ethel and Eric; Marie and Pat; Mirrie and Jack; Enid; Frank, Jean and family; Jack, Daphne and children; Nell, Lou and family; Peg, Ray and family; Eileen and Bob; Gena, Jack, John and Robert; Connie; Sid. Peter and Rex; Myrene, Reg and Rhonda; Bill, Norma and Barry; Neil Cochran, Herb, Edie and family; Nick Potter (Sydney); Mrs. F. ,L. Baker; Mr. and Mrs. Fowler: Mr. and Mrs: Coady and family; Mr. arid Mrs. M. S. Downing and Matt jnr.; Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilkie Watson and family; Kay and Bevan, Ross, Darcy and Jean Crampton; the Beck family; Mr and Mrs. Engelman and family; Alice J. Greville; Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, Leo and Pearl; Gwen and Lou. Woolnough and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Murray and Mrs. A. Murray; the Wyburn family; Richard and Annie Sturt; Beavan family; Mr. and Mrs. J. McAlister and family; Mr. and .Mrs. H. Munt; Mr. and Mrs. P. E. McAlister and Bernie; Mr. and Mrs. P. Andrews; George, Mrs. Bates and Marge; Rob and Ellen; Mrs. L. Edwards; Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Barbour and Ian; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Venables and family; Herb and Ethel James; Mrs. D. McGrath and family; Mick, Thelma, Lorna and Keith, E. A. Bourne Pty. Ltd. and Staff; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. McAlister and Alf; Vera Delany;  Mr. and Mrs. T, Malone and family; Mrs. Baker, Mavis, Nat and Col; Josie and Dick Stitt; Wallace and   Myrtle Arentz; Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and family: Mr. and Mrs. Stan Piper and family; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillip; George and Rhoda Williamson and Allen Campbell; Mrs. F. Downing and Bob; Bert and Jessie Kitto and family: Betty and Bede Dowling; Mr. and Mrs. G. Newman and family; I. H. Hargreaves and family; Mrs. P. Woodbridge and family; Fred, Mrs. Russell and family; John, Con, David and Geoffrey   French; Tom and Elsie Edwards and family; Joan Lynch; Mr. and Mrs. G. McDonell; Tumut Young Anglicans; M. Hargreaves and family; Mrs. Col. McDonell; Mr. and Mrs. Stan Bassman and girls; Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnson and family; W. Bridle; the Herlihys; Mr. and Mrs. H. Chave and Tom; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Graham and family; Mr. and Mrs. Rowley McAlister and family; Dr. and Mrs. Mason; Lucy and Frank Bourke; the Carr family; Ted and Myra Murphy and family; Mr. and Mrs. D. Herron; Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Macadam; Bert and Pincher; Tumut Rugby League Football Club; Lena and Dot; Mr. and Mrs. J. Roche (Batlow); Mrs., E. Davy and family; Joan Battenally; Jenny and Greg, Bullman (Adaminaby); Kevin Tetley.