Obituary - Mrs. Clara L. Jeffery

3 February 1948 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The sudden death of Mrs. Clara Louisa Jeffery, wife of Mr. Alf. Jeffery of Blowering Read, Tumut, which occurred suddenly on Saturday last, caused a shock to the legion of friends of the family.

The late Mrs. Jeffery had been in ill-health for some time, though on Satur- day morning she was about as usual and was busy preparing to come to town whens he suddenly collapsed. Dr. Mason was summoned, but on his arrival it was found she only had a few minutes to live. Death was due to cerebral haemerrage

Deceased was born at Gocup 65 years ago and was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hillier of Jerrawa.

She married Mr. Alf. Jeffery at All Saints' Church of England, Tumut, and after their marriage they resided at Bombowlee for a time whilst Mr. Jeffery was employed on Mr. R. Shelley's property at Tumut Plains.

Over thirty years ago they moved to the present home at Blowering Road, about 1 miles from town, where they resided ever since. 

The late Mrs. Jeffery was essentially a home lover and her main energies were centred in caring for her husband and family. 

Besides the sorrowing husband the sur-viving family is as follows:- James (Tumut), Peter (Blowering Road, Tumut),Edna (Mrs. Jones, Tomorroma), Alma (Mrs. B. Shelley, Tumut), Esma (Mrs. J. Green, Tumut Plains) and Sylvia (Mrs. C. McAlister, Tumut).

Also surviving are three brothers, Ned and Jack Hillier (Jerrawa) and Thomas (Tumut) and one sister (Mrs. Buckmaster, of Yass). 

The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, leaving from the residence after a short service conducted by Rev. S. Broadfoot for the C. of E. portion of the Tumut new cemetery, where interment took place.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. Bert Shelley, Jim Jones, Jack Green and C. McAlister (sons-in-law), Eric and 'Bung' Shelley (grandsons). 

The large array of beautiful floral tributes from the following was testimony of the respect and esteem in which the late Mrs. Jeffery was held in the Tumut district:- Tom Thatcher, Emily Oakman, Mr, and Mrs. Wal. Green and Sybil, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dowell and family, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Wortes, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thatcher and family, Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien and family; Tom Clee, Ben and Allan Clee; Ken, Ada, Vera, Artie and Tom; Joe and Rene Stubbs and family; Hotel Tumut Cricket Club; Arthur, Sis and family; Bill Bridle, S. and E. Carr, Lily and Walter Wortes and family, Mr, and Mrs. Boynie Wren and family; Allan, Kath. and Ron. Sutton; Mr.   and Mrs. Alex Webb and family; Mrs. G. Scott and Dorothy; Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hartshorn; Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Morcombe; Dooley, Lil. and family; Mrs. Anderson and Vera; Ted and Jean Brown and family; Stan, Lola and Billie; Joyce Preston and children; Mr. and Mrs P. Patrick and family; Derek and Jacqueline; The Corr family; Edward and Keith; Bess and Norman Baird; Bert, Enid and Lesley French; Ern. Elphick; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Le Fevre; Barry, Beverley and Phillip; Mrs. Neil and family (Junee); Mr. and Mrs. Chas.  Hampstead jnr. and family; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fuller and Zelda; Mill and Jim; Tom and John French and family, dad and family; Howard; Mavis and family; Bert, Mrs. Anderson and family; Mr. and Mrs. Eustace; Mrs. Vickery, Lisle and Bell; Keith, Edward and Lyn; Jack, Jess and Marg. Duncan; Mr. and Mrs. Roy McGrath and family; George and Jack Clee; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bye and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Barton and family; Will and Mabel Lee; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Emery, Mona and Peter Crampton; Lily and Harry Crampton; Ron, Edie and family; Freda, Joe, Aileen and Des. Hampstead; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Graham and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Nuttall and Betty; M. Clyde, Gwen and Alex; Tumut Football Club; the Doon family; Jess and Bill Manns and family and Amy Buckley; Annie and Ernie McGrath and family; Ina and Bill and Ina Emery; Nancy and Fay Bell and Clarrie Green; Ruby Cassidy and family; George, Doll and Marge Bates; Peter and Mary; Mr. and Mrs. Monagle, Joyce and Colin; Yee Hing and Co.; Jack and Naomi Bridle; Doreen, Jean, Jill and Pat; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dunn and family; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bourke; Ivy and Jack McBride; Kate Robinson and family; Mr. and Mrs. A. Cameron and family; June, Norman and Rodney; Mr. and Mrs. W. Atkinson and Miss Hoad; Joyce, Eric and Bung; Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Fuller; C. Lubke and staff; Rhoda and Bill McGowan and Ray; Tom Hillier; Cec., Lorna and family; 2WG Club; Mr. and Mrs. W. Mount and family; Joan and Arthur Holdsworth and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Venables and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Sturt and family; Bob, Myrtle and Ben.; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Oddy and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dowling and family; George and Jack Dowling and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Munt and family; Nell and Monte Sturt and boys; Charlie and Jane McDonnell; Mr. and Mrs. L. Green and family; Monte, Una and Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. F. Oddy and family; Lizzie and Ray; Mr. and Mrs. Len Oddy and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Bush and family; Mr. and Mrs. R. Ibbotson and family; Will and Mrs. Eccleston; grandchildren; Mrs. D. McGrath and Jack; the George children; Auntie Kate; Jean and Charlie Armstrong; the Belt children; Flo and George, Dot and Fred (Junee), Win and George (Sydney) Malda, Ernie and family; Alma and Cecil Arentz; Elsie, Arch. and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Hayden and family; Mr. and Mrs. Col. Mc- Donnell; Mr. and Mrs. J. McAlister and family; Mrs. C. Emery and Alma Oddy; Mr. and Mrs. J. Newman and girls; Alma and Harold Smith and family; Fay, Maureen, Ada and Marie; Jack and Hazel Pearce; Norman and Merle; Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Hargreaves; Hazel and Frank Anderson and family; Mrs. C. Dunn and family; Dot, Ossie and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Walker; Florrie and Tom; B. Foster; Bert and Alma; Tumut Young Anglicans; Rovers Cricket Club; W. Beavan and family; Clare and Wal. Banwell; Mr. and Mrs. E. Blundell and family; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bridle and family; Lorna and Eric Carr; May and Et, Frank and Tom (Sydney).