Obituary - Mrs. Edith Kilduff

6 April 1948 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

As briefly mentioned in our last issue, the death occurred at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on Wednesday evening, March 31, of Mrs. Edith Kilduff, wife of Mr. Leslie G. Kilduff, of Sydney Street, Tumut. 

Born at Tumut 42 years ago, the late Mrs. Kilduff was the third daughter of the late Mr. Henry Elphick and of Mrs. Elphick, of Tumut.

Practically all her life was spent in Tumut, but of recent years her health caused considerable concern.

The District Hospital 0n many occasions for quite long periods, but through-out she set an example to all about her by the courage and patience with which she bore the drastic treatment necessary and the long, tedious periods of convalescence, always buoyed up with the hope of being completely well some day and so redouble the care and attention she lavished on her husband and family of four young daughters. 

She was admitted to hospital 0n the Wednesday, but her condition was such that it was deemed necessary to transport her to Sydney by ambulance on the Saturday.

However, this was of no avail and she passed away as stated on the following Wednesday. 

Besides a devoted husband and their little girls, Norma (11), Valma (7), Denise (6), Lesley (4), Mrs. Kilduff is survived by her mother and the following sisters and brothers: Alma (Mrs, Ted McAlister, Goulburn), Linnie (Melbourne), Ernest (Joe, of Stanmore, Sydney), Charles (West Maitland), Nell (Mrs. Allan Rivers, Glebe Point), Una (Mrs. Monte Carr, Tumut) and Frank (Coogee, Sydney). 

We extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family in the loss of a devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister and loyal friend. 

The remains were brought to Tumut by Friday's train and the funeral left All Saints' that afternoon after a short service conducted by Rev. S. Broadfoot for the Church of England portion of the new cemetery. Rev. Broadfoot also officiated at the graveside, and Messrs. W. Beavan and Son had charge of the arrangements. 

Owing to ill-health Mrs. Allan Rivers was unable to be present at the burial, but all other members of the family were in attendance, besides a large and representative gathering of mourners.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. Charles and Frank Elphick (brothers), Ted McAlister (brother-in-law), Ern ('Turpip') Elphick, Wm. Stubbs and Ron Bowden (cousins).

Numerous telegrams and cards have been received and amongst the wealth of floral tributes covering the casket were noted cards from: - Les and your babies; Mum and Lin; Nell and Allan; Charlie, Ev. and Pat; Frank, Doreen and boys; Una, Monte and Raymond; James ('Buck') Elphick; Aunt Fan; Jim, Dan, Ern and Mary Elphick; Joe, Clive and Lynette; Margaret and Rowley; Alma and Ted and family; Auntie Esther, Amy and Ted; the James Elphick family; Management and Staff Tumut Co-op. Store; Joan and Arthur Holdsworth; Allan, Kath and Ronald; Gwen, Bob, Walter and family; Tumut Branch A.L.P.; Emily Bailey and family; Lily and Walter Wortes and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Howling and family; Dot and Tom Monagle and family; Billy, Dick and Clara Hayden; Mick, Ella and children; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sturt; Bailey and Blitz boys; Arthur, Vera and Zelda Fuller; Mr. and Mrs. Greg. Anderson and bays; the Trevanton family; Mr. and Mrs. C. McDonnell and family: Mr. and Mrs. Alf. Gilchrist; J. and S. Wortz; Archie and Elsie Sheather and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Feint and family; Dot and Ossie Bullock and family; Mr. and Mrs. B. Wren and family; Kate, Kath, Jean and Jack Robinson; Jack, Josie Bush and family; Mick and Mary Power; the Corr family; Beth and Doug Watson; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brumby and C. Stokes and family; Mr. Alf Jeffery, Peter and Pearl; Eddy and Celie Stanfield and family; Mr. and Mrs. Herb Crampton; Mr. and Mrs. Rivers, Nola, Keith and Shirley; L. A. Morton, Gert, King and Murray; children and teacher of sixth class; Mr. and Mrs. Perc. Dean; Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Quarmby and Dorothy; Mr. and Mrs. Mick Barbour; Department of Agriculture , (Sydney) ; Mrs. Geo. Edwards; Dot, George and family; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sims; Bevan, Kay, Ross, Jean and Darcy Crampton; Vera Delany; Bill, Mat. and family; Mr. and Mrs. George Sturt; Ma and Pop Peel and family; Mr. and Mrs. L. Oakman and family; Cecil and Alma Arentz and family; Bob, Myrtle and Ben; Mr. and Mrs. Jim McDonald and family; Sara and Emma, Dossy, Lorna and Eric Carr; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Withers and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mc Donald; W. W. Beavan and Son; Sid and Ethel and the girls; Mary, Arthur and Barry; Glen and Pat; Mrs. Niddric and family; Len, Mirrie, Wallie and family; Dick and Jessie Beck, Ruby and Jimmy; Mrs. J. M. Smith and family; Mrs. I. Harris and family, Mrs. W. Harris and girls; W. Bridle; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hampstead, Aileen and Des; Myrtle and Percy Sutton and family; Mr. and Mrs. Hutton and Miss Parker; Doll and Marge and George Bates; Con and John French and family; Mrs. Baseman, Stan and girls; Mrs. M. A. Crampton and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Robson and family; Fred and Maud, Edna, Jack and family; Brenda, Viv. and family; Mr. and Mrs. K, Schafer and John; Mrs. J: Newman and George Clee; Peg and Betty Newman; Ron, Edie and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Hampstead, Beryl, Jim and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas and Miss McLaren; Aunty Millie and Uncle Harry Crampton; Gwen and Lou Woolnough and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnson and family; Mr. and Mrs. Widdowson and family; Geo. Masters, Lou and Nell Murray and family; Mr. Bassett, Percy, Doreen and   family; Mr. and Mrs. H. James; Fred and Kath Bye; Mr. and Mrs. Stan Pi per and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cameron; Edna, Ron. and family; Mick, Dot. and family; Mrs. Crampton and Teddy; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. W. Sparks and family; Muriel and Laurie Sutton and family; Mr. and Mi's. Arthur Graham; Aunty Julia and Roy; Reen, Joy and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Sparks and family; Roy and Merle McGrath; Mrs. D. McGrath and family, Leah Pickford and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Brown, Wally and Barnie; Uncle Bob and Auntie Em. and Ken,; Wallace, Myrt, Pat. and Peg.; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Frowd and John; Mr. and Mrs. Col. McDonnell; Len, Mirrie, Wallie and Harry; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Anderson.