Obituary - Mrs. Helena Jane Thomas

22 August 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times

There passed away at her home in Tumut at 12.45 a.m. on Friday last a native of Tumut in the person of Mrs. Helena Jane Thomas, in her early 60's. 

Born at Tumut, Mrs. Thomas was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Carr and was married here to Mr. Thomas George Thomas* (see correction), by whom she is survived together with one son, Alan Bruce (Tumut), also one brother, Charles (Arncliffe) and one sister, Dorrie (Mrs. Eustace Lowther (Tumut).

One brother, Harry, was killed in the 1914-1918 war. 

The subject of this obituary had been ailing for about three years and had returned to Tumut from Murraguldrie State Forest, thinking the Tumut climate would improve her health.

On Thursday evening last she suffered a paralytic stroke and passed away early on Friday morning. 

The cortege moved from the Church of England at 3 p.m., after a short service conducted by the Rev. W. J. Conran, for the C. of E. portion of the Tumut new cemetery. 

Messrs. W. Beavan and Son had charge of the funeral arrangements, the pall-bearers being Thomas Thomas (husband), Allan Bruce Thomas (son), Charles Carr (brother), Jack Cameron, Keith Cameron and Mark Thomas (brother-in-law). 

Floral tributes were received from the following:- Bill and Allan; Dot, Joan and Rita; Chas., Dorrie and family; Aunty Sara and Emma; Uncle Tom and Dossie; Aunty Mary; Tillie and Mick; Ray, Addie and Lila; Dorrie and Clarrie; Ivy and Rolf; Monte and Una; Dalie and family; Mrs. McGrath and Keith; Mrs. Ida Harris and family; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Harris and family; Percy, Doreen and Mr. J. Bassett; Geoffrey and the 'little feller'; Sandra; Megan; George, Ted, Eileen and Bob; Mr. W. Bridle; Jack and Sara Wortz; Mrs. Bates, George and Marj.; Flo, Maggie and Edie Masters; Mr. and Mrs. Reg. McGrath; Mr. and Mrs. Eccleston; Peter and Hannah Patrick; Nancy; Lou, Nellie and family and Mrs. Murray; Roy, Merle and family; Frank and Sylvia; Joe Stubbs and family; Fred, Tilly and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. McAlister; Mr. and Mrs. C. Schultz and family; Joyce and Jack Manley; Mick, Ella and family; Fred and Maud Sutton and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. Brown and family; Tilly and Walter Wortz and family; Wal and Else; W. Connors and family; Mrs. C. M. McDonnell; Les and family; Ethel C. James; Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson and family; Pearl and Arthur Shelley and family; Margaret and Roley McAilster and family; Mrs. Sturgess; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mick. Pearl and family; Bill and Rita Patrick; Mrs. W. Feint; R. M. and P. G. Williamson; Amos, Phylis and Jack; Con and John French; Gena and Jack Bennetts and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Johnson and family; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur. Graham; Grace and Kevin Cummins; C. and J. Cameron and family; Stan, and Mrs. Bassman and Muriel; Mrs. Dick Beck and family.


12 September 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times

In a recent obituary concerning the death of Mrs. Helena Jane Thomas, of Tumut, it was inadvertently stated that the late Mrs. Thomas was the wife of Thomas George Thomas.  

This should have read the wife of George William Thomas