Obituary - Mrs. James Brumby

26 July 1949The Tumut and Adelong Times

The death occurred at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. George Johnson, Herbert-St, Tumut, in early hours of Tuesday morning, July 19, of Mrs. Harriet Pettitt Brumby, relict of the late Mr. James Brumby, of Howick St., Tumut. 

Mrs. Brumby was born here 86   years ago, a member of the Dean family, well-known pioneers of the district, and is the last of the old family - all of who were noted for their longevity.

Her brother, Mr. Thomas Dean, the one who immediately predeceased her attaining the age of 93.

Mr. Brumby died forty years ago, and one daughter Daphne (Mrs. Prosser) nineteen years ago, but the surviving members of the family are: Mary (Mrs. Buckley, Tumut), Harriet (Mrs. George Johnson, Tumut), George (Tumut), William (Sydney), Martha, (Mrs. Milton Johnson, Sydney), Robert (Tumut), Daisy (Mrs. McMullen, Tumut), Violet (Mrs. A. Stockwell, Tumut). 

Mrs. Brumby had enjoyed good health throughout her life until a few years ago when a heart condition became apparent. She spent some weeks in hospital and on Thursday was sent home to be cared for by her daughters.

In the very short time between leaving hospital and her death, Mrs. Brumby was at Mrs. Johnson's and cared for devotedly by her family, the end coming peacefully at 5 a.m. on Tuesday in the presence of her granddaughter, Mrs. R. Walker. 

Throughout her years in her native town, Mrs. Brumby was regarded with high esteem by all with whom she came in contact, and she was a devoted- sister, wife and mother, truly one of nature's gentlewomen. 

The funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon, leaving the Presbyterian Church for the new cemetery at 3 o'clock. In the absence of Rev. R. S. Woodger (through family bereavement) the service at the church and the graveside was conducted by Rev. Haymen (Gundagai). Messrs. W. Beavan and Son had charge of the arrangements and Mr. Keith Weeden was at the organ.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. Robert and George Brumby (sons), Fred and Keith Brumby (nephews), George Johnson and G. A. McMullen (sons-in-law).

Beautiful floral tributes were noted from Mary, Alf and family; Harriet, George and family; Martha and family; George, Ethel and family; Bob, Daisy, Nugget and family; Violet, Alex and family; Gwen, Bob and family; Gordon, Lorna and NevHorrie Edna and family; Keith, Joyce and Jill; Fred, Gwen and   family; Eddie, Mirriam and Terry; Joan, Mona and Arthur; Granddaughters Rita, Thelma, MirrieEthey and Jean; Edie; Fred and family; Mrs. A. E. Johnson, Clare & Wallie; W. Bridle; Owen, Jessie and family; Arthur Dean and family; Mabel, Mirrian and Phyllis; Stan, Mrs. Bassman and girls; Mr. and Mrs. T. Brown arid family; Jack and Sis Wortz; Mr. and Mrs. Stan Piper and family; D. P. Morton and L. A. Morton; Ella, Jack and Betty Nuttall; R. H. Service; Mrs. N. B. Mackenzie, Rod and Frank; Mr. and Mrs L Day; Mr. and Mrs. Newman, Peg and Betty; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sims; Mrs. Masters and family; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chave; Bob, Nell and family; George, Mrs. Bates and Marco; Hobson family; Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips; Mrs. Col. McDonnell; Ada and Raymond; C. D. Stokes and family; Mrs. H. Brown.