Obituary - Mrs. James Hallinan

15 June 1937 The Tumut and Adelong Times

One by one the pioneers are passing, leaving the world richer for their having lived.

Two more passed the Rubicon last week.

On Friday morning Mrs. Mary Hallinan, wife of Mr. James Hallinan, of "Oakleigh," Cootamundra, died at the Tumut and District Hospital at the age of 72 years, after a short illness.

Deceased, who was the fourth daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Egan, of Gocup, was at "Erin's Vale," Gocup, where she was born, attending to her sister, the late Miss Nora Egan during her fatal illness the previous week and had nursed her through her several previous illnesses excepting during an attack two years ago, when her niece, Nurse Grant, daughter of the late Mr. Michael Egan of Humula, administered to her needs.

Mrs. Hallinan was with her on the last occasion till the last and was present at the bed-side when she passed away.

A few days afterwards she herself had to enter hospital and succumbed to the sudden illness as stated.

A coincidence is that two neighbours, the late Misses Brennan, aunts of Mr. Jas. Brennan, of "Eurobin," Gocup, (the four native born and reared on adjoining holdings to woman's estate, and each having passed the allotted span), died within a week, as in the case of the Egan sisters, and in both instances the two sisters were deeply attached to one another.

Miss Nora Egan had passed her 70th birthday.

The only child of Mr. and Mrs. James Hallinan is Miss Anne, in the office of Messrs Conkey and Sons, Cootamundra.

By her death the Egan family is now reduced to two - Mrs. Anne Hallinan, widow of the late Dennis Hallinan, of Cootamundra, and Mr. John J. Egan, "Snowball," South Gundagai.

The coffined remains were taken to Cootamundra by Mr. H. W. Baker's hearse and were laid to rest in the Roman Catholic portion of the cemetery there on Saturday morning.