Obituary - Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Elliot

2 May 1950 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

There passed to her eternal re- ward at her home, 'The Lawn,' Russell-Street, Tumut, at 8.30 p.m. on Friday last, of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Elliot, widow of the late Mr. John Elliot of Tumut, at the age of 71 years. 

The late Mrs. Elliot had been in   failing health for the last few years and had been a patient in the District Hospital on two occasions suffering from heart trouble.

However, she had been going about her usual household duties only a few days prior to her demise and was her usual bright self.

She took ill on Thursday and passed away on Friday night as stated, retaining all her mental faculties until the end.   

The subject of this obituary was born at Greenhills, Adelong, and was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry John Sharp.

She received her education at home at the hands of governesses who were experts in their particular spheres of teaching. 

She was a gifted musician and her love of music was manifested throughout her life. 

She married the late Mr. John, Elliot at her parents' home, her husband, who had just had experience on the land at Yanco and Walla Walla, having just purchased a property known at 'Elwood' at Lacmalac.

After a couple of years at that centre Mr. Elliot leased his property to Mr. H. Crouch and they went to reside at Walla Walla, where Mr. Elliot managed a station for the late Mr. Henry Douglas.

On the sale of the station they returned to Lacmalac, where they resided for twelve years.

When the property was resumed for soldier settlement Mr. and Mrs. Elliot purchased a house in Tumut which remained their home for the rest of their lives. 

Like her husband, who took a keen interest in public affairs, especially the District Hospital and Turf Club, of which he was president for many years, Mrs. Elliot also took an active part in the public life of the community.

She was an energetic worker for the Tumut Branch of the Red Cross Society since its inception and held the Long Service Medal of that organisation.

She also took a prominent part in the Country Women's Association, the R.S.L. Auxiliary and in the Church of England Women's Guild, being a particularly hard worker for church functions.

She also took a keen interest in the activities of the local Re- turned Soldiers' League. 

The late Mrs. Elliot was a kindly lady who was ever willing to assist every public cause or charity and to offer her help to those in need.

She was a devoted wife and mother and her passing is mourned by a large circle of friends.

Her husband predeceased her by eleven years and the family surviving are two daughters, May (Mrs. S. Pasley, Bougainville, New Guinea), Ruth (Bebe), of Tumut, and one son, Ussher also of Tumut.

There are also two brothers, Messrs.- J. Burleigh Sharp (Tumut) and Robert H. Sharp, of Adelong, and one sister, Margaret (Mrs. D. Burbury, of Tumut), surviving. 

One sister, Edith, died in infancy. 

The late Mrs. Elliot was cared for devotedly in her declining years by her daughter Ruth. 

The funeral left from the residence at 4 p.m. oh Saturday last for the Tumut New Cemetery, where the remains were laid to rest in the Presbyterian portion alongside those of her late husband.

Rev. W. J. Conran officiated at the graveside and the mortuary arrangements were in the hands of W. Beavan & Sons. 

Pallbearers were; Messrs. U. Elliot  (son), J. B. Sharp and R. H. Sharp (brothers), D. Sharp (nephew), N. Burbury and P. Wilkinson. 

The plethora of floral tributes which bedecked the coffin were from:- Bebe and Usher, May and Syd; Bob and Madge, Donald and Ruth; Burl and Val; Em; Margie; Dr. J. W. Mason; Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, Leo and Pearl; Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Metcalfe; Carson's Box Factory; Jack . and Mollie Vickery and family; Dulcie Cooper; Dr. and Mrs. V. R. Harbison; George and Mary Dunn; Tumut C.W.A.; staff Central Garage; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Johnson and family; Lacmalac Hall Committee; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and family; Ted Quirk; Mr. and Mrs. Cruise and family; Boxer Webb and family; Tumut Golf Club Associates; Hamp and Edith Hayes and boys; Mr. and Mrs. T. Malone and family; Mr. and  Mrs. Graeme Baker; Mrs. N. B; Mackenzie, Frank and Nan; Gus and Kit Malone ; J. Gown and family ; Mr. and -Mrs. N. Clout and family; Board of Directors Tumut District Hospital; John and Con French and family; Mr. and Mrs. H. Scott; Mr. and Mrs. H. Trevanion and family; Mr. and Mrs. T. Eurell and family; Jim and Mary Oliver; Mr. and Mrs Jack Elder; Mrs. A. Wilkie Watson and family; Eve and Tom and all at Hillview; the Carr family; Mr. and Mrs. P. Andrews; Tom, Doss, Anne and Jean; Mr. and Mrs. Day, Pat and Elaine; Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Baker; Mr. and Mrs. V. Paul; Mr and Mrs. J. Kell snr; Mr. and Mrs. Ern McDonald; Mr. and Mrs. Nor- man Bye and family; May Jones, Os and Gordon; Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Hill, Beryl, Joan and Jack; Mr. and Mrs. J. F. and J. C. Orr; Roundhills; Llewellyn, Peg, Jill and Thomas; Dorothy and Mac; Tom Marr and Fred Henkel; Belle and Lisle Vickery; Annie and Jean Halloran; Vera and Walter Scott; W. A. Jacques and family; Peter, Bonnie and Terry; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bourke; Herrick and Winifred Cork; W. Beavan and family; the Blakeney family; Wal and Haze; Mr. and Mrs. George   Quinn and family: Mr. and Mrs Jack Nuttall; Jean; A. Jeffery Pearl and Peter; Glory and Alan; Flo and Beryl; Affie and Owen; A. and E. Fenton and family; Betty and   Bill Rabone; Mr. and Mrs. H. Hunt; Mr; and Mrs. Doug. Fuller; Milton Archer & Sons; Mr. and Mrs. D.  Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. J. Tod and family; B. Hargreaves & Son; Tumut Turf Club; Kath Cooke; Mr. and Mrs. A. J.Baker and family; Mr. and Mrs. Roley Ibbotson and Ray; Mrs. Bundock-Kell; Myra and Geoff Harris; Bid Ryan; Jim and Mary Lyell; R.S.L. Women's Auxiliary; Tumut R.S.L.; Joan Lynch; Mr. and Mrs. Jack. Smart; Tom Connors; all at 'Pomeroy'; Mr. and Mrs. A. Davenport; Mr. and Mrs, Lance Moon and family: Pat, Isla and   family; Mr. and W. Harris and family: Tumut Red Cross Society; All Saints' Church Women's Union; Mr. and Mrs. D. Herron and family; Harold and Miriam Crouch and Rosa Brown; Mr. Tweedie and Norma; Tom and Mab Wilkinson: Mr. and Mrs. Alex Webb and family; W. F. Heydon, Keith and Betty; Mrs. Harris, Perc. Bung, Zillah and Frank, Jess and Fred; the Riva family; Marjorie Hall and Eleanor; Mr. and Mrs, A, C, Macadam: Jess and Harry Kell and family; John, Joan and Bruce; Rhoda; Mr. and Mrs, A. E. Wilkinson and family.