Obituary - Mrs. Sarah Le Fevre

11 October 1949 T he Tumut and Adelong Times 

A gloom was cast over the community on Thursday morning last when it became known that Mrs. Sarah Le Fevre had passed peace fully away at her home at Tumut Plains late on the previous evening. 

The subject of this obituary was born amidst the heather of Bonnie Scotland seventy-four years ago at Broom of May, Forres.

Migrating to Australia at any early age, Mrs. Le Fevre (then Miss Sarah Percy) resided for a short time in Sydney before proceeding to the Tumut district, where she spent many happy years with the Harris family at Wermatong.

She married Mr. David Le Fevre at Tumut thirty-seven years ago.

Her husband, two children of the union, Naomi (Mrs. J. B. Bridle), Patience (Mrs. W. J. Atkinson), and five grand-children of Tumut Plains; sisters and brother, all of Scotland, together with a legion of friends, are left to mourn an irreparable loss.

By her passing the community has lost one of its most valued citizens, there being very few families of Tumut Plains where at some time or other she had had not acted as a "ministering angel," especially in times of sickness and trouble.

Her hospitality in her own home was unbounded, her chief concern being always for the welfare of others. 

Although her main interests were in her home, she was still able to devote time to charitable causes, particularly in matters in which children were concerned. 

During her prolonged illness the late Mrs. Le Fevre was nursed with loving care by her daughters, Naomi and Pat.

At a most impressive service conducted by Rev. Woodger at the Presbyterian Church Mr. and Mrs. Mclnnes played 'Flowers of the Forest' (Scottish lament) and the 'Dead March In 'Saul' (organ and violin). 

The funeral, which was one of the longest and most representative seen in Tumut for some time, left for the Presbyterian section of the new cemetery.

Rev. Woodger again officiated at the graveside.

The pall-bearers were Messrs. J. Bridle and W. Atkinson sons-in-law), C. Le Fevre (nephew), C. Dicker (Barellan), M. Mclnnes and Verne Harris.

Floral tributes were sent by the  following: Dave, Naomi and Jack; Pat and Bill; Heather and rian; Judith and Janet; Rosemary; Janie; Emily and Short; Bill and Phyl Keogh and family; Frank and Eileen Malone and family; teacher and pupils 'of Tumut Plains School; Jean and Cecil; Topsy and Jack; John Clout and family; Eva; Vic. and family; Merle and David; the Carr family; Bertha and Harvey; Harry and Nellie; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and Pat; Mr. and Mrs. Ted McGrath; Belle and Clarrie Green; Neville and Mabel; Arthur and Ivy Sturt and family; Mr. and Mrs. Tom King and Vera; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Harris; Tumut Plains Tennis Club; Mr. and Mrs. A. McGrath; Stella and Ray; Edith; Trixie, Ron and family:   Charles, Rita and family; Enid and Alex; M. E. Cookson and Peggy; Tumut Plains Churchwomen's Union; Geoff, and Myra Harris; Frank and Tilda Seymour; Frank and Lucy Bourke; Bill and Rhoda Mc- Gowan and Ray; Gordon and Maribel Stacy and family; Fred, Dolly and family; Marie and Celie; L. Moozak; Kitty, June and Pat; Mr. and Mrs. A. Davenport; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Myers and Edie; Betty, Jack and Johnnie; Mr. Jeffery, Pearl and Peter; Marie and Ray; Elsie and Mervyn Power; employees of Tumut Sawmillers; Miss Edna Harris; Rev. and Mrs. Ed. Walker; Mr. and Mrs. J. Mecham; Dr. and Mrs. G. T. Harris; Mr. and Mrs. E. Nixon; Dr. and Mrs. R. Hamlyn Harris; Mrs. F. Stacy, Jean and Muriel; Aub, Mary. and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thatcher and family; Mr. and Mrs. Scott, Kath, Tom and family; Wal, Beryl and Sybil; Wal and Els Patton; Tom and Thelma Young and family; Dick, Ruby and family;: Jeanie and Leo Myers; Med, Wally and Ian; Mrs. Halloran, Ted and Jack McInerney; Dulcie Cooper; Arthur, Ivy and family; Dr. Clouston and Pat; Thelma and Eric Rowling; Ida Hector; Isabelle and Ab. Myers; Mary, and Rob; Nell, Ernie and Ian; Mr. and Mrs. W. Eccleston; Nell, Ned, Toby and Kevin; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. McInerney and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Callaway, Harry and Kath; Roy and Merle McGrath and family; Mrs. Moor-   head, Bill and family; Fred and Sylvia Piper and family; Harold and Thelma; Kath and Snow; Gert and Mick Higgins; Tumut Plains Agriculturel Bureau; Mr. and Mrs. H. Myers; Fred and Bid McInerney and family; the Gaul family; Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Clout; Millie and Harry Crampton; Vida, Merv and boys; Marcie and Col Crampton; Gertie and Una; Doug and Darcy, Will and Harriet; Elma and Len Oddy and family; George Livingstone Clara, Clyde, Monte, Rolf and Mavis; George, Annie, Ken and Merle Sturt; Robert and Lesley: Bevin, Eileen and family; Fred, Audrey, Ken and Helen Margaret, Rhonda and Dawn; Fred, Topsy and boys; Nellie and Michael; Lisle and Belle; Gordon, Cas and Leonie; Anne, Mac and Heather; Mary and Eddie Malone; Rita and Clem and Mrs. Curry: Minnie and Ted Vickery; Mr. and Mrs. T. Malone and family; Llewellyn and Peggy Stacy, Jill and Thomas; Jean, Eric, Beverly and Marilyn; Jack, Stasia and family; Edna and Ernie and family; Mario, Max and Peter Harris; Bert and Hilda Denton; Pid and Alf; Sid and Ethel; Zillah and Melba; Mr. and Mrs. S. French; Lad, Dorrie and family. 

And so passes on another great lady, one who was respected and loved by all and one whose memory we feel sure will remain evergreen in the minds of those who were privileged to know her.