Obituary - Mrs Julia Ellen Granland  

17 July 1950 Cootamundra Herald

An esteemed Cootamundra veteran, Mrs. Julia Ellen Granland passed away in the Sacred Heart Hospital on Saturday, at the age of 8l.

She had lived in Olney street for many years, and only shifted to Temora Street a few weeks ago.   

The late Mrs. Granland was born at Tumut, and there married Steven Kingwell, who predeceased her.

The five surviving children of her first marriage were Bert and Jack of Adgjunbilly, Mary (Mrs. Ryan, Cootamundra), Ellie (Mrs. Able Cary, Wee Jasper), and Connie (Mrs. Piper of Tumut).

Her second husband was the late, Charles Granland, and of the union there are three surviving children, Vevie (Mrs. Reg Kelleher, Cootamundra), Ollie (Mrs, Gordon Featherstone, Singleton), and Clarrie (Cootamundra).   

The funeral, which left the Sacred Heart Church yesterday was largely attended by relatives and friends.