Obituary, Mr. Andrew M. Paterson

27 September 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The death on 6th September, 1949, of Mr. Andrew Mitchell Paterson at the age of 93 years has broken a link with the past history of the Adelong and Batlow districts.

The late Mr. Paterson, who died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. V. Jamieson, of Canley Vale, had long been a personality in these parts and his passing will be mourned by a large number of friends and acquaintances. 

The late Mr. Paterson was born in 1856 at Oatlands, Tasmania, and at an early age came to the mainland. Much of his early life was spent following pastoral pursuits, an interest which he always retained. 

On leaving the shearing sheds the late Mr. Paterson achieved the ambition of many men of those days in becoming a coach driver for the world-famous Cobb &. Co., thus proving himself to be a man of character, quality and ability.

It is quite probable that Mr. Paterson was one of the last links with the famous firm. 

With this experience behind him the late Mr. Paterson embarked on an undertaking for himself in acquiring the mail contract from Gundagai to Adelong and Tumut, a service which he maintained for seven teen years.

When the train service was extended to Tumut from Gundagai the mail contract was withdrawn.

 The late Mr. Paterson then took up residence in Tumut for several years, following various callings. 

Next the late Mr. Paterson, turned I his attention to hotel keeping, taking I over the Commercial Hotel, Adelong in 1904, and conducting it with great success.

Then in 1908 he acquired the Batlow Hotel, where he remained for many years as 'mine host'. 

On retiring from the hotel business deceased established his private home right in the heart of Batlow, and here for many years he spent a full and happy life interesting himself in the affairs of the town and always ready to spend a half hour discussing current topics or reminiscing over past events.

He was an avid reader and up to within a few years of his death was a fluent conversationalist.

His health had been very good until a few months ago and his eyesight and handwriting were the envy of many a younger man. 

The late Mr. Paterson had been associated with the Masonic Lodge St. Clair, Adelong, for over 40 years and with the M.U.I.O.O.F., Tumut, for even a greater period. 

His marriage in 1892 to Miss Harriett Beck, of Windowie, was blessed with a family of three daughters, Catherine (Mrs. Gray, Demondrille), Violet (Mrs. Jamieson, Canley Vale), Miriam (Mrs. Harrison. Batlow), and four sons, Colin (deceased), Eric (Alice Springs), Alan (Bondi), Andrew (Wyong). 

The sudden death of his eldest son, Colin, was a great shock and possibly hastened his end. 

His widow and the remaining members of the family are left to mourn his death, and the sympathy of the Batlow community is extended to them in the passing of this honorable old pioneer, who was truly one of Nature's gentlemen.