Oldest Brood Mare - Tumut Claimed World Record

6 August 1953 Narandera Argus and Riverina Advertiser 

Recently the Tumut 'Times' published a paragraph asking whether any person in the district knew of any half-draught mare reputed to have foaled 30 foals.

Mr. James Kell, senr., of Simpson Street, Tumut, has handed to that paper a cutting from 'Country Life' newspaper published in 1932. It reads:-

Tumut boasts that it has the oldest brood mare in the world, producing foals.

The challenge is thrown out by Tumut to every district everywhere. 

The 42-year-old brown draught mare is owned by Mr. Fred Lampe, of Nebea, Coonamble. 

In the year 1893 Mr. Lampe purchased this mare as a three-year-old from the late Mr. George Goodman, the contractor who cut the road between Tumut and Kiandra, the purchase being made at the time of the contract, which proves her age to be 42 years old. 

She has up to date foaled 33 foals, two of which died young, and she is at present suckling a yearling and is in foal again. 

Despite the fact that for the first 18 or 20 years of her life she lived continually on the tableland country near Kiandra, wintering in the snow and rearing her foals often in snow many feet deep, she is to-day fat and active, and although 42 years old, looks younger than most horses at 20.

Mr. Austin, of Lake Midgeon, Narrandera, went to some trouble to ascertain if there was another mare of her age in England producing foals, but so far has not been able to hear of one.

He believes this mare to be the world's record." 

If you know of a better one, come along with the story. Mr. Kell believes that the mare died on Talbingo Station some years later.

Tumut 'Times.)