One of the Finest Court Houses outside Sydney

2 November 1945 Cootamundra Herald

Judge's Praise for Gundagai Building.

Prior to the commencement of the last Gundagai Quarter Sessions, the presiding Justice, his Honor Judge Berne, remarking on the fact that it was the first trial to be heard in the new court house, said that, with the exception of the palaces at Goulburn and Bathurst, Gundagai had one of the finest court houses outside Sydney. 

Not only was, thee building a splendid one, but it was situated in such picturesque circumstances. 

The judge added that it was fitting that one of the counsel engaged on this historic case should be Mr. W. F. Sheahan. M.L.A., whose efforts were responsible in arranging for the new court house to be erected

Mr. Sheahan, Mr. Moors?? (crown Solicitor), Mr. W. G. West, and Mr. V. Paul (Tumut) also spoke, endorsing his Honor's remarks. 

Bowls of flowers adorned the judicial bench, and Mr. Sheahan stated that in all his long experience in court work it was the first occasion he noticed flowers placed in court.