Opening of Bredalbane & Goulburn Plains
The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser
 9 December 1820

Government Notice.

Secretary's Office, Sydney, 9th December, 1820. HIS Excellency the Governor, having reason to believe that granting permission to the proprietors, of herds and flocks to depasture the new country, situated between Bargo Brush and Cookbundoon Range, as already done in the Government Notice of the 25th ultimo, would be of material benefit to those Persons by relieving their lands in the County of, Cumberland, now in an exhausted state, and being now informed that the benefit would be still much increased by dispensing with the limitation as to the range of pasturage where it is confined to the said Cookbundoon Range; His Excellency is pleased to notify, that this limitation is accordingly done away, and that all the open country called Breadalbane and Goulburn Plains to the southward and westward of said range, not otherwise appropriated, may be in like manner depastured as the country laying between Bargo and Cookbundoon Range, according to the former notification; subject however to the third regulation in that notice.

His Excellency is pleased to notify further, that when it shall be found necessary to locate specially the lands laying between Bargo Brush and Cookbundoon Range, those persons who may have herds or flocks, at that time on those lands, will have permission to send them over Cookbundoon Range to Breadalbane and Goulburn Plains, and thence to proceed with them at their own discretion, not interfering with lands already appropriated to any special purposes.