Our Open Column - Welcome to Returning P.O.W.'s 

16 October 1945 The Tumut and Adelong Times

(To the Editor) Sir, -

It was pleasing to see the Tumut Town Band turn out to welcome the first prisoners of war to return to Tumut from Japanese hands.

They all richly deserved the welcome they were accorded, as every returning p.o.w. does, but where was the Band when the three prisoners of war - the only three from Tumut who were prisoners of war in Germany - returned to their home town some seven weeks previously. 

These boys never received any tumultuous welcome from the public, let alone the Band turning out, the welcome handshakes at the station coming only from their own folk.

Surely every mother's son who offered his life in fighting for our freedom and was taken prisoner, to suffer in mind and body, deserves a rousing reception and warm handshakes when he returns to his home town.

I think the public of Tumut will support my hope that those responsible for welcomes now accorded returning p.o.w.'s will rectify the matter by seeing to it that the other three lads referred to are given a similar reception when they next return to Tumut, whether on leave or discharged from the Army.

I Am, Etc.,

 Mother of Ex-P.O.W.