Pamphlet about the Colony South of Argyle and Murray

The Sydney Monitor

9 August 1837

Journey of Messrs. Hovell & Hume Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip, New South Wales, in 1824 and 25, by W. H. Hovell and H. Hume, Second Edition, Sydney.

Published by James Tegg. Printed by H. Bull, 1837.

This is the title of a pamphlet which has been sent to us by Mr. Hovell.

It is intended apparently to continue the interest in, and enlarge the information of the Colony south of Argyle and Murray.

The publication at the present time is judicious, and graziers who propose travelling south ward with their flocks, will find this account of the first journey ever performed to Bass's Straits from Argyle, very useful.

To the work is prefixed a Map, on which is marked the routes of Messrs. Hovell and Hume, of Captain Sturt, and of Major Mitchell.

The work is edited by William Bland, Esq., and dedicated by him to Sir Richard Bourke.

The preface being short and explanatory of the object of publishing this second edition, we here subjoin it.