Party at Yass to Announce Engagement

The Sydney Morning Herald

18 March 1937

A cocktail party was held at the station home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Shannon, Marilba, Bowning, to formally announce the engagement of Miss Marjorie Shannon to Mr. "Mill" Barber, of Humewood, Yass.

The engagement links two old grazing families of Yass district. Mr. Barber, one of the leading younger graziers, is an "old boy" of Barker College, and he learned the practical side of the sheep industry from the noted stud breeder, Mr. Terry Walker, of Ledgworth.

When he came of age, Mr. Barber inherited Humewood, one of the best properties in the district. It is interesting to note that Mr. Barber is a member of the same family as the famous explorer, Hamilton Hume - hence his name, Hamilton Hume Barber.

Miss Shannon is, a popular hostess at her parents' station.