Pasturage Licenses Murrumbidgee

2 November 1841 The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

Friday, October 29, 1841. Colonial Treasury, Sydney 20 October, 1841. List of Persons who have obtained Licenses to Depasture Stock beyond the Limits of Location, for the year commencing 1st July, 1841, on payment of the established fee.


Booth James,

Broughton John A.,

Bowman William,

Bradley William,

Barber George, Senior,

Barber George Hume,

Bray John,

Best William,

Boyd Ellen,

Chapman William,

Clarke William,

Chisholm John William,

Cowper Charles,

Chippendale Thomas,

Campbell Robert,

M. C, Campbell Charles

Davis George, Senior,

Downey Robert,

De Salies and Smythe,

Devlin James,

Ebden C H.,

Green Edward Bernard,

Guise William,

Guise Richard Junior,

Gibbons John,

Galvin George,

Grant Samuel,

Grant John,

Huon Aimey Augustus

Huon Charles and Paul,

Howe W. and E. Howe, T.,

Herbert W.,

Harvey Matthew,

Hall H.

Haslingden Edward,

Howell John Jamer,

Hilla John,

Hill Patrick, Jobbins John,

Jones Frederick,

Johnstone Robert,

Kelly Patrick

King P. G.,

Kew James,

Lewliss Francis,

Messrs. Crook and Webb,

Morrice John,

M'Cullock Thomas

Mitchell Thomas,

Macarthur H. H.,

Mallowney Margaret,

M'Leoh Donald,

Mate T. H.,

M'Donald George,

Macquoid Thomas,

 M'Leay George,

Moore John,

M'Donald George,

Murdock James,

Mackay George E.,

Messrs. Callenden, Hinde, and Forsythe,

Osborne James, Senior,

O'Brien Cornelius,

Pearce Matthew,

Peters John,

Ritchie James,

Smith John,

Stuckey Henry,

Shelly William,

Sharp and Brown,

Terry John,

Taylor Samuel,

Troy Nicholls,

Tooth John,

Vincent Isaac,

Wylde and Mackenzie,

Whitty John Charles,

Wright James,

Whight James,

Williams John,

Warby Bengamin,

Wilson J. and D.