Path Jervis' Bay Discovered by Hume

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

29 December 1821

The discovery to Jervis' Bay, which was announced in the Sydney Gazette of the 15th December, by Charles Throsby, Esq. accompanied by Mr. W. Kearns, had been previously discovered, so we are now informed, by Mr. Hamilton Hume, of Appin.

Mr. Hume had set out from Appin on the 17th November last, for the express purpose of accomplishing' this most desirable and grand object, taking with him two (blacks) natives, and returned on the 5th December.

Mr. Hume reports, that he could, without much trouble or difficulty, cause a good road to be cut from Sydney to Jervis or Bateman's Bay; and also, that the country is fertile and easy of access.

Mr. Hume further reports, that the distance from Lake Bathurst to these two bays, does not exceed fifty miles.