Permit Needed to Visit Cowpastures

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

10 July 1803

Proclamation by His Excellency Philip Gidley King Esquire, Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty's Territory  of New South Wales and its Dependencies, &c. &c &c.

Whereas there is great reason to suppose some persons not duly authorised make a practice of going to those Parts beyond the Nepean, where the strayed cattle resort for the purpose of killing them, whereby several are wounded:-

To prevent which, it is hereby ordered that if any person whatever frequent the Cow Pastures, or pass the Nepean, without a permit signed by the Governor, stating for what purpose that permission is given, he or they will on conviction, be put to hard labour for six months as a vagrant.

And if any person whatever, not authorised, shall presume to kill any of the above black cattle, male or female, they will be punished to the utmost extent of the Law. This procalmation to be in force from and after the 15th Instant.