Pioneer's Death, Mr. J. F. H. Mitchell

The Sydney Morning Herald

7 March 1923

Pioneer's Death. Mr. J. F. H. Mitchell. Albury, Tuesday.  The death is reported from Ravenswood (Vic.), at the age of 92 years, of Mr. J. F. H. Mitchell, one of the pioneer graziers of the Upper Murray.

Mr. Mitchell was born near Goulburn in 1831, and his mother was born near Parramatta in 1797.

His father was Captain "William Mitchell, an officer from the British army.

With his three brothers, the late Mr. Mitchell took up properties on the Murray.

John Mitchell owned Hawksview, Thomas Mitchell Bringenbrong, James Mitchell, Table Top, and Edward Mitchell, Fairlight.

Mr. J. F. H. Mitchell spent a great deal of his boyhood among the blacks, and compiled a dictionary of the language of the Woradgery tribe.

The deceased's mother was related to Hamilton Hume, the explorer, who, with Hovell, discovered the Murray. Mr. Mitchell was the last of the original settlers on the Upper Murray.