Post Office Mail Tenders

The Sydney Morning Herald

30 June 1860

Post Office Mails.

The undermentioned tenders for the conveyance of the Post Office mails, during the periods specified, having been accepted, the particulars are published for general information.

Southern Road.

42A Edward George Brown :- On horseback to and from Tumut and Kiandra, once a week, from 1st July I860 to 3lst December, 1861, for £720, being for the six months of 1860, £240.

44A Alexander Bruce:- On horseback, to and from Adelong, Upper Adelong, Tumbarumba, and Ten Mile Creek, with a branch post to and from Copubella, Jingillack, and Welaregang, once a week, from 1st July, 1860, to 31st December, 1861, at the rate of £350 per annum, being for the six months of 1860, £175.