Praise for Batlow Packing House from U.S. Army

27 November 1945 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The manager of the Batlow Packing House Co-operative Ltd. (Mr. H. V Smith) is in receipt of the following letter from Headquarters, Australian Base Section, United States Army Forces, Western Pacific Office of the Commanding General, in relation to the outstanding job performed by the Packing House by way of army food production during the war years: — 

“Dear Sir, - The arrival of peace and the ensuing conclusion of the United States Army activities in Australia make this an appropriate time to express our thanks to those who have shared with us the strain of that 'behind-the-scene' work, which is so necessary in military operations and which all too frequently goes unrecognised.  

“'The United States Forces are fully cognisant of and appreciate the services which have been rendered by your organisations on the food front during the past trying years.

Not only the actual tangible results from your production lines, but also your co-operation and  willingness to assist U.S. forces, have in no small measure contributed to the early and successful conclusion of hostilities. 

“I would like to convey to you, and through you to each member of your staff, our thanks for the help your given in connection with the supply of foodstuffs to the U.S. forces, and to acknowledge that without such help the problem of maintaining supply lines to the Allied forces in the Pacific would have been practically insurmountable.

Yours sincerely,

William H. Donaldson Jnr., Brigadier-General, U.S Army Commanding.”