Presentation to J. C. Lavis

31 January 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

On Saturday last Mr. J. C. Lavis, who recently retired after many years of service to the farmers of the Tumut district, was honored by a presentation of a Wallet of notes at a public gathering at Quinn's rooms, in Russell St. 

The gathering was chaired by Mr. E. Roddy, who referred to the long years of service Mr. Lavis had given to the farmers of the Tumut district as butter factory manager, cream carter and, in later years, as a dairy machinery expert

He did not spare himself on the job and was prepared to help anyone day or night to get their machinery going after break downs. 

The Chairman was supported in his remarks by Messrs, J. French, H. H. Crouch, Neil Halloran, Fred McAlister, and A. C. Macadam who all spoke at length on the many good qualities of Mr. Lavis, both as a citizen and a butter factory manager and particularly as a dairy machinery expert and of his exemplary family life and good neighborliness.   

Coupled with the remarks made concerning the guest of honor all the speakers spoke of the good qualities of Mrs. Lavis who, as his helpmate, shared in the good work that he had done for the dairymen in general. 

Mr. Roddy then made a presentation of a wallet of notes to Mr. Lavis, stating that it was a small token of the esteem in which he was held by all people in the district. 

Mr. Lavis responded at length, interspersing his reply with anecdotes and amusing incidents which had occurred during his visits to the various farms in the district.

He spoke feelingly and at length on his happy association with the dairymen of the district and made reference to the many kindnesses he had received at the hands of the dairy- men for whom it had been a pleasure to work.

One point which he stressed was his belief that the future of the dairying industry was wrapped up in the success of the Junior Farmer Movement as it was to scientific methods that the industry would have to look in the future to hold its place in the world's markets and the competition which must inevitably come.

In conclusion, Mr Lavis thanked all those concerned with the presentation on his own behalf and that of his wife who, unfortunately, was unable to be present owing to ill-health. 

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to Mr. Quinn for the free use of his rooms for the occasion. 

Mr. Arthur Davis, in moving a vote of thanks to the chairman, pointed out that Mr. Roddy gave a great deal of his time to public affairs and particularly to the welfare of the dairying industry.

This was carried by acclamation and Mr. Roddy, in thanking them for the manner in which they carried the vote, pointed out that most of the work in connection with the presentation had been carried out by Mr. John French to whom he wished to pay tribute and he asked those present to show their appreciation of that work in the usual way.