Proposed School Bus Service for Blowering Valley

18 February 1947 The Tumut and Adelong Times

About, twenty people attended the meeting called for Wednesday last at the Intermediate High School to discuss the possibility of establishing a bus service to bring children from the Blowering district to schools in Tumut.

Mr. T. Evans, the new Inspector of Schools, presided he explained to the meeting that there were two proposals which they had to consider.

These were:- 

(1) The establishment of a school at Yellowin

(2) The provision of a bus which would pick up children along both the West and East Blowering roads and convey them to school in Tumut.

Mr. Evans also explained the method by which the amount of subsidy would be calculated for the bus service, and that the maximum amount which could be expected would be about 20 per week. 

It was pointed out by several members present that a school at Yellowin would cater for only about fourteen children, while the running of a bus would bring the advantages of schooling to all the children in the valley, at present numbering about 34. 

After discussion it was decided to support the bus service rather than the school; the necessity for a suitable closed-in bus and careful driving was stressed, especially during the winter months.   

A committee was then appointed to deal with the business side, to call for fenders and to decide how the additional cost of the service (above the subsidy) should be met.

The committee appointed was: Mrs. George Curll (secretary) and Messrs. C. Hartshorn. K. Johnson, H. Sawkins and R.Wilkinson.