R.S.L. To Compile Honor Roll for Tumut

21 January 1947 The Tumut and Adelong Times

The R.S.L. decided last Friday to commence collecting names and particulars of all local men and women who served with the armed forces during tile 1938-1945 War, for the purpose of compiling a complete Honor Roll of the Tumut District.

This task will entail much research and take some time to complete; but relatives and friends can help by advising the R.S.L. of the names of any Servicemen or woman who enlisted from the Tumut district, with any details they have as regards number, unit and service. 

It was also decided to obtain the co-operation of the local Press and publish a list of ex-Servicemen and women and ask for any names omitted from that list to be sent in for inclusion in the Honor Roll.