Railway Arrangements for Transit of Batlow Quick Freeze Products

25 October 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Commencing on Tuesday, 2nd November, 1949, it is anticipated that the first consignment of Quick Freeze products will be transported by rail from Batlow. 

A specially-fitted Bogie type of refrigerator car will be used and the car will be pre-cooled before the products are loaded. 

The products will be frozen to a very low temperature, about 0 degrees (zero) Fah., when placed in the refrigerating car.

Ice in trays built into the roof of the car will assist in keeping the temperatures stable during transit.

Transit will   be given by the 1.50 p.m. mixed train from Batlow and connection at Gilmore with the 3.20 p.m. mixed train from Tumut.

Fruit Express from Cootamundra will land the consignment in Darling Harbor about 7 a.m. the following morning, and after being unloaded the refrigerating car will be returned immediately to Batlow.

It is anticipated that 550 tons of Quick Freeze products will be packed at Batlow this coming season.

It will take from six to nine months to transport by rail if the full 20 tons carrying capacity of the refrigerated car was used each trip.