Rapid Progress made in High Level Approach to the Gundagai Bridge

5 December 1868 The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

We are glad to note the rapid progress which has been made in the high level approach to the Gundagai bridge lately, especially during the last month, and we learn that this advance in the work has been as satisfactory to the Government authorities as it should be pecuniarily pleasing to the contractors.

During the late fine moonlight nights the portion of the work which has been already decked in has been a favourite resort for promenaders.

We believe it may now be confidently expected that this really noble approach will be completed and opened for traffic by the end of January next, and we consider it will prove to be a very creditable and faithfully executed piece of work.

Messrs. Baillie and Chalder have had great difficulties to overcome in procuring the proper materials for executing their contract according to specification, but these they have successfully surmounted, and they have been singularly favored by the dry winter we have had.